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eBay UK have made some changes to feedback pages. Total “lifetime” positive and negative scores have disappeared from the left hand side, presumably in anticipation of May’s recalculation, where all repeat feedback will count towards the headline score moved from the left column, to underneath the total score.

This hasn’t gone down too well with sellers with a high percentage of repeat buyers. Julie from World4Kids, who has herself, told me, “the overall impression doesn’t look so good. Your figures ‘feel’ lower without clearly showing the total pozzies. Even when stats are recalculated in May I can’t see that it will clearly show either the percentage of or actual number of repeat feedback.”

I tend to agree with her: visiting my own feedback page, the first figure I see is 600-ish “pozzies in the last month” rather than 50,000-ish “pozzies since I registered”. eBay’s recent changes have put the emphasis onto recent feedback; 30 day DSRs are what counts for seller discounts, and 90 days feedback is one of the things that counts for seller non-performance. Sellers can’t expect to sit on their laurels and have a lifetime’s worth of positive feedback make them look good any more.

I couldn’t really care less about the actual number, but I do want to show off my repeat feedback. Unless the feedback page is going to change again in May, I don’t see that this will do that.

The other change is rather neat and should be less controversial: all of the figures in the repeat feedback ratings box are now clickable, so you can see non-positive feedback in one easy click, rather than having to mess about with drop-down boxes.

What do you think? Easier to use, or too dismissive of your repeat buyers? Leave us a comment.

18 Responses

  1. Finally a way to access the negative feedback easily. Having to tread through several pages of feedback to see the negatives had been a problem for years. This is a great change IMO.

  2. OE, we’ve had a filter for negative/neutral feedback on eBay UK for a while, that was never implemented on .com. It required knowing it was there in the first place though; it was never made very obvious from the f/b page. As you say, being able to access it easily is a great step forward.

  3. Changes look “ok” to me. Sorry if I dont sound excited. It makes Zero difference to the way I sell and buy.

    With respect to gazillions of feedback, it will always be displayed against the username. I look forward to the emphasis on DSRs and feedback points for recent performance. I dont care how a seller performed 5 years ago. I want to know how they are going to handle my parcel NOW. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Total feedback is there of course, just not as noticeable… it is just above the actual comments, under the tabs. I think that the summary line should show it there as well..
    Not too long to go (May) until repeats are included in the total anyway.

    What is not clear at the moment, is if the DSR 30 day console will only be visible to us, to adjust our activities, or whether it will be accessible to the buyer on the feedback page.

  5. I looked this morning early (about 8am.) and thought it had been taken off, then discovered it. so on my screen it has been there since then…

    But it is very easy to skip past. ๐Ÿ˜•

  6. The total feedback received was always there on the old feedback page too.

    I’m rather miffed that my 55K plus total positives have pretty much vanished into thin air too ๐Ÿ™„

  7. SNP is being reduced from previous 90 days performance to 30 in the US. Unsure if that will apply in the UK though?


    [quote]Beginning in March 2008, performance evaluation will be based on a 30-day period. It will also include Item “Significantly Not As Described” (SNAD), and Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) of 1 or 2. eBay added these factors because buyers leave 1 or 2 DSR ratings nine times more often than negative feedback, which suggests feedback and INRs alone did not reflect customer dissatisfaction. [/quote]

    I also read on Toolhaus, that eBay will be counting neutrals as having two thirds of the weight of negs in their future SNP algorithms. Anyone know if this has been announced, or perhaps has always been the case anyway?

  8. Maybe eBay don’t expect sellers and esspecially new sellers to be around long in the future? Hence the emphasis on recent feedback rather than in the past.

    Just my 2p’s worth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Regarding weighting neutrals and negs differently for seller non-performance, Matt Halprin has just said on Town Hall that this *will* be something they do “going forward” – so presumably they’re not doing it yet.

  10. Josordoni

    Quoted from one of the ‘pinks’ on Ebay Q&A board

    “we’re still going to continue to display 12 month DSRs to buyers on the feedback page so your stars will not disappear.

    However, if you have sufficient sales to calculate a 30 day DSR (at least 10 DSRs in a 30 day period), then we will use this to determine eligibility for pricing discounts, search visibility etc. Your 30 day DSR is a private figure that will not be visible to your buyers, but will be accessible via the seller dashboard in My eBay towards the end of March.

    Hope that clarifies things.”

  11. right, that’s not so good then, if we are being expected to bring ourselves into line and improve our DSR’s why are we not then allowed to show our new improved profile to our buyers?

  12. dont care, wont care,
    if it dont work. and I dont sell. I will go elsewhere,
    and thats ebays loss so I am certain things will change if it affects sellers too much

  13. Just left feedback for a seller.

    If you leave a 3 or below on the P&P costs you get a pop up asking to click against one of the options.

    Why weren’t you satisfied with the postage and packaging charges?
    Did the seller Charge more than the postage cost stated in the listing

    Charge more than the actual costs for mailing, packaging and handling

    Post the item with a less expensive service than you paid for

    Combine multiple items into one box but charge for posting each item individually


    We won’t share this information with the seller or other eBay members. Hide

  14. I thought it was just on the P&P star but the description dsr also has one . Score 2 or under & you get the following.

    Why weren’t you satisfied with the item description? Item was not received
    Quality did not match item description
    Item was damaged
    Item was a counterfeit, replica, or an unauthorised copy
    Wrong item
    We won’t share this information with the seller or other eBay members

  15. Interesting…. I wonder if eBay take that information into account when deciding whether to advantage/disadvantage sellers in search? โ“


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