Expanded Seller Protection officially live for UK PowerSellers

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eBay UK have just announced that for UK PowerSellers. Though some of us managed to sign up last week, it’s good to know that now, we are officially protected against against fraudulent payments and item not received claims with the following improvements to existing cover:

  • any address: sellers are now protected whether or not their buyer has a confirmed address
  • international coverage: posting is covered to any of the 190 countries supported by PayPal
  • unlimited coverage: the previous limit of £3,250 is gone; sellers now have unlimited cover from PayPal.

Of course, there are some requirements of sellers too:

  • for item not received claims, you’ll need to send within seven days of payment, with a proof of delivery viewable online (signature viewable online if the item is worth £150 or more), and
  • for unauthorised payment claims, you will need to post to the address on the payment page, and be able to provide a proof of posting (PoP not proof of delivery seems rather nicely generous to me).

Most of all, you’ll need to register to be eligible, so get on over to PayPal and do it!

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  1. It’s alright for those who can get in, just tried again this morning and it’s still saying it’s unavailable 😐

  2. Already tried that Chris, but thanks for the suggestion. I get the same message regardless of which link I use:

    “Thank you for your interest. Protection from unauthorised payments is not yet available to everyone. We’ll contact you as soon as it is available to you.”

  3. Mark:
    Special Delivery *should* but often don’t display the actual signature online.
    I suppose this new Royal Mail tracked will, but as it’s unfeasable/unworkable for most regular sellers I guess we are just as “protected” as we were before. 🙁

  4. hi…

    ditto louise,

    but hey, it’s a ”things can only get better” moment, ’cause i’ve just visited paypal and enrolled in a couple of clicks. 😯

    hope it’s as painless for all tamebayers.

    but, seriously – we find packages do get ‘lost’ on a semi regular basis, even with recorded delivery, they aren’t delivered or returned to sender either…….

    some wierd bermuda triangle thing 😡


  5. Have to say out of my last three thousand odd recorded delivery packages I’ve lost maybe one or two at most. It’s a pretty reliable service. 🙂

  6. Sue, I don’t think *any* French services have online sigs?

    (Here, I’m assuming the French rules are the same – in ref. to my recent 😳 , probably not a Good Thing.)

  7. Expanded Seller Protection for UK PowerSellers would be a start, but when will sellers in other countries get any protection against SNADs and INR complaints?

    When we accept cards through a merchant account, WorldPay or Google Checkout we get the opportunity to prove our case. With PayPal we don’t (we have the historic sales figures to back this up).

  8. 25 lost out of 10,000?? That’s still only a 0.25% loss some of which can surely be claimed from the Royal Mail if they’ve not produced adequate proof of delivery (That’s if it’s even worth your time bothering to claim 0.25% losses)

  9. hi chris –

    obviously, if they are in royal mail jargon ‘missing’ then they don’t have proof of delivery, all in theory merit a claim.

    as for claiming;
    many factors, from value of item missing, to admin’ time spent, compensation offered, all influence deciding if it’s worth investing in the process.

    certainly, popular opinion is that royal mail make it as lengthy and drawn out as possible to deter one.

    sadly, however well one communicates with the buyers, auto’ replacing goods at no further cost etc, they do get frustrated and sometimes take it out on the sellers feedback and dsrs…..

    they hate to wait, but an item is only classified by royal mail as ‘missing’ after 15 working days.

    i wonder if royal mail would compensate sellers for any ebay discounts lost (in any part) thru their bad service triggering bad dsr ratings?

    well, we know the answer to that one 😉 ,

    so, take the knock, write the losses margin into the overall biz package….

    …… and always look for ways to improve things.

    on ebay, outside ebay etc……….


  10. I have just spoke to PayPal business centre who have told me that the powerseller expanded seller protection is still in testing and only availiable to around 10% of the powerseller community. i.e. not ourselves. Why im being told this when eBay have announced that it is availiable i dont know. The guy on the end of the phone could not confirm when this would be availiable for everyone.

    Time to re-stock the vaseline methinks.

  11. Looks like they accidentally left the enrollment open when it was first mentioned here, but have closed the door now…

    I got straight in as soon as I saw it here, and I am still shown in my account as being enrolled….seems I was lucky to be so quick off the draw.

  12. From my perspective it doesn’t really make much difference anyway. I have only ever had paypal disputes on items sent by standard postal services and even then they are few and far between (touch wood).

  13. touch wood indeed….

    Like you, I have not yet had any real problems with anything through Paypal, but there is always a first time for everything, and at least I am better covered than I was… although plenty of items would still fall through the cracks if it came to it.

    Anyway, I like to have everything that is on offer, as soon as possible!!

  14. Clarky, did you mention to PayPal that eBay had announced it as live for all UK PSs?! I know there’s been a mention of it on the PP site for quite a while now pre-launch, but for them to take it back into beta is verrrrry odd. 😯

  15. the biggest problem with recorded delivery is that it needs a signature
    so when someones not in ,and the postie does not leave a card
    buyers just do not bother


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