Genuine Lou Reed fans turn ticket touts

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The whole argument, that ticket touts prevent genuine fans from purchasing tickets at a reasonable cost, has been disproved this weekend. Front row tickets for Lou Reed’s performance at the Edinburgh Playhouse started to appear on the site yesterday, even though they only went on general sale today.

The tickets up for sale on eBay are those that were allocated through none less than the fan club organisations themselves, on Thursday. Genuine tickets allocated to genuine fans and the first thing they do is rush to make a few quid by flogging them.

If fan club members wish to sell their tickets and make a profit I see no reason why they shouldn’t. If fans are willing to resell tickets there’s even less reason why a non-interested party shouldn’t also buy tickets with the intention of reselling them.

If the organisers aren’t happy with the resale of tickets then there are plenty of methods, such as issuing photo ID tickets, to stop prevent it. It’s a free economy and they just lost the argument that ticket touts prevent genuine fans from obtaining tickets – It’s the genuine fans that are rushing to cash in by selling them.

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  1. I tend to agree Sue, bands have been selling tickets earlier than public sale to fan club members for a long time, but have given out special codes to quote by phone on ticket order.

    However, this year I’ve experienced something new, I see many bands and buy many tickets over each year and on two of our purchases bands have openly advertised when a gig is announced ‘Join our fan club for early ticket sales’. These have been on Iron Maiden and Def Leppard/Whitesnake concerts this year.

    Maybe the bands/fan clubs are cashing in before the touts this time!


  2. if you had one leg we could sing
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    whos turns it for the beers

  3. treat me right! treat me good !because my heads not made of wood and I dont have a wooden leg

  4. The Beatles. Wooden legs. Silliness. And I just can’t get Heather Mills out of my mind… I just don’t know why.

    Leg it be, leg it be, leg it be….

  5. That will be the day!

    ***Buddy Holly and the crickets ***

    this thread is really buggered up now ๐Ÿ˜†


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