Meg joins McCain's presidential campaign

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Rumours of political ambition have been flying for a while: first she was quitting to join up with Mitt Romney, then she was planning a run for Governor of California. Now Meg Whitman is joining John McCain’s campaign to become the next US President. Meg, who says that America needs McCain’s “courageous leadership”, will be national co-chair of the Republican senator’s campaign. She will be fundraising as well as developing policy and travelling the country on his behalf.

Do we wish her every success in her new position? I’ll leave that for you to decide 😉

12 Responses

  1. It seems fairly obvious that Meg is thinking politics, ehh.

    It’s good news in my opinion. It’s important to have intelligent, successful women in politics and it’s good to have an eBay advocate and small business champion at the top table.

    That said, when it comes to her association with McCain, I hope she doesn’t succeed. Go Clinton and Obama!

  2. I’m looking forward to the day when I can look at women in politics and judge them for their politics, not for them being women.

  3. Randy,

    Hehe. You’re gonna have a helluva job winning me and Sue (pretty unreconstructed lefties) on that point. ;O)

    Agree, obviously not all bad.

    (Hope you don’t mind the tag, Sue!)

  4. No, I don’t mind being called an unreconstructed leftie 😆

    I will allow Randy and Meg as the two Nice Republicans I know then 😆

  5. well I have to ask Sue, if you are an unreconstructed leftie, what made you have the right one done?

    And I won’t ask about Dan’s….. 🙄

  6. And there was me worrying about this thread going political. Thank goodness for Lynne being here to drag it into the gutter 😆

  7. Here’s an interesting take from Tony Peyser, who always has an amusing slant on the latest news:

    “John McCain’s presidential campaign announced that Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay, will join his team, serving as national co-chair. In related news, some eBay users said they wanted to buy McCain’s integrity but were told it was sold to lobbyists years ago.”



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