Monisha, we hardly knew ya

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eBay UK’s Community Manager, Monisha Saldanha, is leaving today. We wish her every success wherever she goes next.

There’s no word on a replacement Community Manager, though Monisha commends us all into the safe hands of pinkie James, who “will continue to work on the Community team and be a regular presence on the boards”.

12 Responses

  1. there have been quite a few pinks come and gone over the years they all claim to enjoy it so much,
    though you never see them back on the ebay boards as an ordinary ebay member , or at least not openly

  2. Well, be fair North. There are things that I’ll cheerfully do if I’m being paid for it (e.g. sort out other people’s HTML/PHP) that I will absolutely NOT do if I’m not being paid for it. I’m sure posting on eBay message boards is one of those things for ex-Pinks.

    Plus who would go on a board and say “I’m an ex-Pink”?! Imagine the grief you’d get. Poor Jamie and Dan get enough grief on here!!

  3. North, I’ve ventured on a few times under my private ID. Given my recent departure I thought I’d hold back. The last thing eBay UK needs is a know-it-all-ex-pink on the boards especially when James is doing such a sterling job of addressing various threads.

    I’m sure in time, it’ll increase, as long as it proves useful.

  4. I’ve been on too, discreetly. But I do think that when you leave it’s polite to get the hell out of the way to let people do their jobs.

  5. I would much prefer a know it all ex pink ,as a know nowt abusive seller 😀

  6. not a chance of me returning to any ebay board in any colour or status,

    its simply not good business sense,

    the paranoid self righteous community guardians can make it financial suicide
    given ebays draconian suspension and listing removal policies

  7. “I’ve ventured on a few times under my private ID.”

    *anticipates the board conspiracy theorists going ape over that one 😈 *

  8. Anyway, don’t ad-Monisha, she was great!

    Huh? Huh? Ooooh please yourselves


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