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After an last week, and then several days’ more delay, eBay UK’s Seller Dashboard has finally gone live this morning. This will allow sellers to see their Detailed Seller Rating scores for the last 30 days, and how they measure up to eBay’s standards for PowerSeller FVF discounts. The dashboard can be accessed through a link in the left menu in My eBay, or directly .

Sellers can now see how they measure up against eBay’s 4.6 or more across the board standard to be eligible for FVF discounts. Because the figures are based on a 30 day average rather than the lifetime average shown on the feedback page, it’s much easier to see how things are changing in the very short term, and take action to correct any areas where service isn’t as good as it could be – or perhaps, work out that one unhappy customer has knocked you, and that things should even out pretty quickly.

It may take a while for the Dashboard to roll out across all servers, so if you’re not seeing it yet (I’m not) then hang on a while. There is also a seperate problem as mentioned on the , which may mean that business sellers who are not PowerSellers are not seeing the Dashboard yet.

This is the “lite” version of the Dashboard and sellers have been promised more information to come in May. One thing that should be implemented sooner rather than later is two decimal places of average scores: eBay themselves are using these more accurate averages, so sellers too need to be able to see them.

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  1. I’m in.

    But its saying a non PS account is eligable

    It is saying you need a TOTAL 3 month sales of £750 or TOTAL 3 month items of 100 not an average over the three months.

    If they give this account a discount how soon before they ask for it back?

  2. good grief
    straight 5s on one id

    and we have not altered our costs or methods,

    we will ease up our postage cost now though

  3. Swan, if you have a look at the original fees announcement, “high volume business accounts” who are not PSs, are also eligible for the discounts. Though the figures you’ve given don’t really sound very high volume to me. Might be worth a call to PS support for clarification?

  4. Sue, I read and assumed that qualifying PS accounts that did not register would still get the discounts.

    I know this account does not qualify for PS status but the dashboard is saying that total sales/items for 3 months need to exceed £750/100 not an average over 3 months (i.e. total sales/items £2250/300)

    If this mistake is not corrected before the discounts are applied then the unsuspecting my be stung by a big bill in a few months time.

  5. At present as I understand this is being rolled out to those sellers that are Business Registered. Another carrot to drive business sign ups.

    The consumer seller version will roll next month.

  6. 20% seller discount requirements
    Sales requirements
    To receive a 20% discount, you need to meet the sales requirements shown here.
    3 Month Criteria Required level Your level
    Sales £750.00 £1,507.61
    Items sold 100 188

    Do you meet these requirements? Yes

    Thats what it says at the moment but none of my accounts actually have a discount calculated yet.

  7. I first managed to access my Dashboard at 11.35pm last night so technically it did go live “late March” after all (albeit not for everyone apparently).

    I say well done to eBay for getting it out on time 😛 😆

  8. For Swan and anyone else in the same position: the qualifying sales levels are the equivalent of Bronze PS level, even if you’re not actually a PS, so it’s £750/100 items average per month over three months. So on the figures you’ve quoted, you shouldn’t be getting a discount yet. Hmm…

  9. Sue, although my account doesn’t qualify for PS status at the moment I’m getting the same as Swan, it is saying that I *do* qualify for 20% discount. (Although it says discount not calculated). If you change the drop down menu to 25% discount there is a message saying “silver powerseller status required” and it says that you have to be a PS to qualify.

    I did wonder if mine was showning that because if it was only calculated on 1 months sales not the average of 3 months, I would qualify as March was a good month (Here’s hoping I can keep it up and get my PS status back!)

    But it does imply that you only need 100 items/£750 value across 3 months to qualify – surely a mistake?

  10. I am told that the minimum qualification for the discount is the same sales levels as Bronze PS (even if you’re not actually a PS): i.e. £750 or 100 items sold on average per month over the preceeding three months. The mis-implication of the wording will be corrected on the next release of the dashboard.


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