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Dan Wilson has updated his book, “Make serious money on eBay UK” making it the first book on the market to cover the eBay changes announced this year in January.

The major changes are to fees, feedback and finding. This encompasses everything you need to know from the new listing and final value fees, which eBay categories have category specific fees and how Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) can qualify you for discounts, or poorer DSRs could disavantage you in search results.

New site features such as My World have appeared along with updates to the eBay shops section. eBay Express in the UK is being discontinued and has disappeared from Dan’s book a lot quicker than it’s disappearing from the Internet. Unsurprisingly as Dan works for vzaar there’s a section on the maximising your listings which now includes embeding video.

If you’re looking for a book that covers all the bases to get you started selling on eBay this is the one to read. For more experienced sellers it also covers branching out to your own website, Amazon, and using Google and Shopping Comparison Engines to gain business.

If you’re about to buy a copy make sure you buy the “Reprinted with updates 2008” edition to get the very latest information on eBay trading.

17 Responses

  1. Nice one.

    BTW I have a lovely new range of whirlpool baths specifically designed to relax Ebay buyers and sellers, any chance of a free plug for those 😆

  2. “any chance of a free plug”?

    Sheesh I thought you were a bath room fittings supplier… now you’re begging for plugs! Dontcha sell em then? 😛

  3. Lets be clear 😆

    1. I bought a job lot of baths without panels, no panels are available for them nor will I ever bleeding have any, however all my other lovely whirly’s do have panels if required.

    2. My whirly’s come with Solid brass chrome plated pop up wastes, not black rubber tat supplied by other inferior retailers.

    I am getting quite upset by the constant ridicule I am having to endure about my baths and my lack of panels!!

  4. Picture it – blockage occurs, M. Moulec (I’m sure he won’t mind my promoting his business on here) comes and does his bit, finds the offending article, leaps around with great mirth “J’ai trouvé un souri!!!” dangling said article by its, er, string. Holiday cottage guests, with offending teenage daughters arrive back to witness display…

  5. Just so I can see how it should be done can someone point me to Dan’s ebay ID’s and websites please…


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