1st May: 5p auction only cheap listing

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eBay UK are holding a one day auction only . Auctions starting on the 1st will have an insertion fee of just 5p regardless of price.

Call my cynical but isn’t 1st May the day that the supposed sellers strike is rumoured to start? Great timing by eBay…

Will you be taking advantage? Let us know in comments below.

24 Responses

  1. CLDs always work for me , so i always take part , they help “fish” for more sales on ebay , i can not remember the last one that did not pay dividends for me…
    Its one of the reasons I have not left ebay completely to be honest , so all good for me…

  2. CLDs help me a bit with the jewellery side of my business and I do find that listing 10 or a dozen pairs of earrings as BIN rather than SIF does really seem to increase the earring sales. And it’s much more of a saving on that side of my business as media is so cheap to list anyway.

    Re the “strike”, I hadn’t been taking a lot of notice to be honest, as ebay certainly won’t. (Take any notice, that is).

  3. The recent 10c listing on ebay.com was good, free gallery plus all listings are visible on UK, possibly the best gallery inclusive deal there has been, only problem was lack of prior notification.

  4. Dave: I don’t think the prior notification thing is ever going to change much on .com. It’s just too big (and too successful) a marketplace to risk the revenue loss they’d get from 3 days notice, as we seem to be getting in the UK and elsewhere.

  5. As per Jon. Everything else lately to do with eBay is just total guff, still have to look on the bright side, Amazon revenue is up 56% on this time last year and various other platforms such as ebid,tazbar,mydeco are generating more and more telephone enquiries and sales.

    If eBay are trying to persuade me to go they are doing a dam good job, totally *ucked off with them.

  6. the strikes journalistic hype, and tosh, its possibly doing ebay more harm by holding this promotion,
    by giving oxygen to the theory it matters to them

  7. Yes Chris I WILL be taking part in the strike……..plus i didnt think your comments about what i said on sky news were really fair. I dont know what the woman spoke to you about, but believe me, I AM A PROFESSIONAL SELLER MATE OK!? and yes i and others will be taking part, in fact i have more or less stopped selling on ebay altogether. Ebay IS pushing out smaller sellers, especially with best match as default search. even the new CEO wants rid of the small sellers. Maybe a pro like me has enough money to ride the storm while he looks for an alternative venue? There doesnt seem to be much critique of ebay on your site does there?! 🙁

  8. feddy, i USED TO enjoy it, as did many others, but when you have been kicked in the teeth by ebay so many times, one can sort of lose the feelgood factor from it, wouldnt you agree? Dont get me wrong, if ebay reversed its stupid changes, i would carry on selling there, but ive had enough! 😡

  9. “There doesnt seem to be much critique of ebay on your site does there?! :(”

    Guy, I’m not sure why you would expect massive critique of eBay here? The rationale for this blog is up there ^ “find your way around the world’s biggest marketplace”.

    I would expect to find the latest news about eBay for active sellers here, with discussion of workarounds for changes that may be problematic, rather than wholesale disgruntlement. There are other places for that I think?

  10. no, i dont expect tamebay to be a venue for moaners and whingers, i am just pointing out its a bit one sided, but i guess the sellers who run tamebay sell high value stuff probably, with a big company behind it and therefore they will now appear HIGHER in search listings. Ebay is not the level playing field that Omidyar created. Thats the point i am trying to make! hope that has been made clear! I am not a negative person and wholly support tamebay its a good site, i was just saying about critique, you know LOOKING AT BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUMENT!

  11. Hey Guy, re the Sky News, I’ve not spoken to them re any individual seller, only in general. I’ve certainly not directly commented on anything you’ve said.

    I’m happy we give the impression of having big companies behind us as far as our eBay sales go…. it’s not true, but it’s good to know we give that impression to potential customers 😀

    I can see both sides of the strike/not strike argument, however the compelling side is simply that eBay holds about 25% of all ecommerce in the UK, and throwing away 25% isn’t a rational business desicion that I could bring myself to make.

    Sure the other 75% made up of Amazon, and Seach / Shopping comparison driving traffic to your own website is three times the size of eBay, but wants to reduce their income by 25%?

    Plus for smaller businesses the 25% eBay share is MUCH bigger for many sellers, more like anything up to 90% of their turnover. For these sellers if they cut off eBay they’ll be left with 10% or less of their income which really isn’t attractive.

    My best advice would be to realise that eBay is 25% of the market and go out and find the other 75% as you grow, but don’t cut off a large proportion of your income because you don’t like/agree with the changes.

  12. I take back what I said earlier, BIN is excluded from the promotion so it’s no use to me for jewellery. And cheap listing isn’t much use for media categories. So I won’t exactly be on strike but I won’t be listing either.

  13. https://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,91221-1314271,00.html


    They are calling for no selling or buying from May 1 and claim that eBay is trying to push out smaller traders.

    But other sellers support the changes. Chris Dawson sells full-time on eBay and has a blog about the company.

    “Ebay is the only business where you can leave negative feedback for your customers. You can’t do that in a hotel or a shop.

    “If the sellers going on strike were serious about their eBay business they wouldn’t be able to afford to boycott.

    “There is still protection for sellers. They can report the buyer to eBay and eBay can terminate their ability to buy.

    “They have also introduced discounts for business sellers on final value fees.

    “To get a 20% reduction on the final value fee you only need to be making £750 a month as long as your customer satisfaction rates are high enough. I don’t think the strike will make any difference,” he said.

  14. 😯

    god i really sound like a moaner! sorry i dont mean to whinge and chris i LIKE tamebay i am not slagging it off, sorry to give that impression! for millions of negative comments and discussions about ebay just trawl the net , iot wont be long before you find it. Lots of people are unhappy, but we are regarded as “noise”, thats not only hurtful, especially after the massive amount of effort and cost we have put in, all of us, to make ebay what it is today. To learn that we are being sidelined in favour of big business is really not on, i am sure you can see that? anyway, keep up the good work…………oh and how many times have you had poor products or service from, as you say, a shop or hotel, and you were so cross you WANTED to leave a negative if such a facility existed? I agree good service is the way forward, but we have been giving good service for a long time, and were we rewarded? Were we hell!

  15. I wasn’t aware they’d spoken to you Guy, although I did make the comments I didn’t edit the article to make them appear to be a response to what you said.

    (PS Cheers for the link… didn’t know they’d published that)

  16. god i really sound like a moaner! sorry i dont mean to whinge and chris i LIKE tamebay
    Don’t you worry Guy, it’d be boring if everyone agreed all of the time, and reasoned argument is always welcome on TameBay 🙂

  17. Guy: how many times have you had poor products or service from, as you say, a shop or hotel, and you were so cross you WANTED to leave a negative if such a facility existed?

    The point is that if you did, would the hotel have the facility to leave bad feedback in return for you? Imagine if you left feedback for a restaurant saying the wait staff were miserable, and your waitress came along to your own website and wrote that you were a mean tipper? 😆 That’s what leaving negs for eBay buyers is like.

  18. Glad you can see the funny side and i’m not labeled as a “loony”! I do like your site, hope u see that! …and i hope you see my comments are well researched. I could write a book about it all but probably wont. and sue, the hotel thing? well if both the waiters and diners could elave feedback for each other, bear in mind that would ENCOURAGE THE WAITERS TO GIVE GOOD SERVICE AND WOULD ENCOURAGE THE DINERS TO FOLLOW PROPER CHANNELS IF THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG, do you not think that would a FAIR situation? ..i do…and thats what feedback used to be like and that why many people are unhappy. 😛


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