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From June this year eBay Italy will be the first site to make , scrapping existing SIF listings and combining them with BIN to make a new format – “Buy It Now with full visibility in the search”.

In addition to the standard listing lengths there will be a new 30 days format BIN which can be automatically renewed. Gallery will be free on all listings from June.

At the same time new Shops will be introduced – Base, Plus and Premium, with . Sellers who select the Premium Shop costing €99.95/mth will have free BIN listings until August 31st, and from then on the cost will be just €0.01.

will be introduced for fixed price listings although Auctions will still appear with ending soonest sort. In order to advantage the longer listing formats multiple item listings with the MOST sold items will appear first in search results. It becomes more important to list multiple quantity items than duplicate listings of a single item (which many sellers have done in the past to increase visibility).

There will also be a new Showcase feature, using Showcase will allow sellers to buy their way to the top of Best Match in order to gain sales, once they have sales the listings will rise to the top of Best Match on their own merit.

Seller Standards will become more important than ever on eBay Italy. Not only will sellers with poor feedback, excessive shipping, or multiple INR complaints be disadvantaged in search, they will also lose the right to open Plus or Premium eBay shops and access to virtually free listings.

Working towards free insertion fees is a stated long term aim for eBay. Italy is the first country to experiment with this and if it’s a success we can see it introduced in other eBay territories, possibly as soon as Autumn this year.

9 Responses

  1. This is interesting.

    I just hope it does come worldwide.

    My only hope is that they do not limit it to country of registration versus listing country etc.

    If I am listing on .com, I would like to get their listing costs etc.

    Could be good, but will watch.

  2. Hey Mark, it’s all normal BIN listings on Italy from hereon in. I would imagine that if a similar program came to the UK and US that you’d have to have a shop on that site to get that sites discounts. Not sure quite how it’d work other than you’d pay the standard fees for the site, not the discounted on sites other than where you opened your shop.

  3. there is a whole different culture and way of doing things in Italy

    what works their may not here

  4. Single monthly subscription and free listings

    Sounds a bit Amazonish but they do it for £25/month and free not $99/month and 1c.

    I like the Ebay idea better with 10% FVF instead of 15%

  5. @Chris

    I hope it is just a flat fee, but how do you open a US shop from the UK without a .com account?

    I do not think you can, can you?

    I would love a US account, but you have to be resident, or so I believe.

    Then I could get the FVF discount, which I do not currently get, (even though we hold a steady 4.7 on postage costs and most of our transactions are international).


  6. I have read a small note, all the ebay Italy BIN listings from June are BIN only in Italy, on other ebay sites they will be SIF listings, this means visibility outside of ebay Italy is very low



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