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A couple of weeks ago we put out a plea for a US supplier who could obtain a couple of Flip Video cameras for Sue and myself. Evan of PeSA offered to help out but in the end Scot Wingo of ChannelAdvisor made things easy and offered to bring a couple over with him to the Catalyst conference this week.

Having got the cameras it only seemed fitting that the very first film should be of Scot, so here he is talking from Catalyst at Vinopolis:

Video is becoming increasingly important as a differentiator on eBay and the web in general so it was no surprise that vzaar were one of the Catalyst sponsors. They told us “vzaar had great fun at Catalyst connecting with PowerSellers and demonstrating to them how beneficial video can be for eBay listings. We were particularly pleased to partner with Monday’s presenters Red Letter Days who have just started to include experience videos on eBay in association with Channel Advisor”

We’ll be making good use of the Flip cameras so look out for more video on TameBay in the future. A huge “Thank you” to Scot from Sue and myself for bringing the cameras over for us!

Now if someone can start importing the Flip cameras there’s a ready made market for them… I could have sold mine about ten times the first evening (and yes Nick, I’ll try to remember to get you one when we’re in the US for eBay Live!)

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  1. Hey Andy… check the prices ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    They’re slowly creeping into the UK, but at almost double the cost that you can buy them from

  2. Sue, I just found a supplier here in the USA for the Flip Video – am selling in my eBay store. Maybe I can help you with the supply. Cindy


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