The $4.6m postage glitch

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It seems there may be a glitch with eBay’s P&P charge display in search results; Jo from sent us this shot of her listings:

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Fortunately the correct price is shown on the listings themselves. It’s not clear at the moment if this is an ongoing problem or if other sellers are affected; if so, be prepared for some strange ASQs.

13 Responses

  1. It is ongoing but occassional, this was a screencapture I took of a search in the Stereoview category on the 2nd of April. All of the views shown were mine, with flat rate shipping of $2.00 within Australia, and $4.00 international – 4 different prices show up in that capture.

    My items show up in the searches and sellers other items list with FREE postage more often than I would like.

    Kind Regards, Kevin

  2. aha at last I thought it was just blackthorn the listing program I use, changed programs and just got on with it

    dozens of yanks have emailed me , and are taking it seriously
    threating to report to ebay etc etc

  3. this is just one of the nicer emails we have received,

    On my ebay favorites page in the USA, your shipping is showing at US $$ $39,235,183.68
    Wow, that must be really heavy !!! Seriously, sometimes the change over from US ebay to other countries really does some strange things…..Don’t be surprized if you don’t get too many bids on this item from the USA.
    Thaought you would enjoy this mix up. Ann in Astoria Oregon USA

  4. Just checked mine out on .com … about half are showing FREE postage to the USA… That is going to go down like a pile of very shi**y bricks when they discover that it is NOT free…. it shows the correct postage in the actual listing, but hey! which one are people going to try to hold me to?

  5. So, we’re agreed this is borked in both directions: showing too little *and* too much postage.

    Does anyone have any examples that are not from .com?

  6. Same here (from .nl). Has been going on for a while. Extremely high first. Now extremely low (EUR 0,04)

    I suffered from a totally different glitch this week: The Item Specifics glitch. Under Item specifics > “origin” eBay automatically filled in the wrong country of origin without me noticing it. Japan instead of Finland, France instead of Germany etc etc. A great way to puzzle your potential customers. After I removed everything – one hell of a job – and I made a revision to an item eBay did it AGAIN.

    eBay should compensate for their glitches. It takes lots of time to work around them and they are no incidents but here all the time ๐Ÿ˜

  7. I’ve put a note on all my listings (the useful replace-the-tiny-gif trick) to tell people that if they see unbelievably high – $1,000,000s – or low – $0.00 – S&H (it’s the U.S.) in search view, it’s a glitch; if uncertain please ASQ.


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