73% would buy wedding dress on eBay

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73% is a very rough figure, but that’s the current rating of a vote on Geek Sugar, of people who think eBay is a great way to save money, or would consider buying their dream dress on eBay.

It’s an interesting question as a is probably the most important dress a woman will ever own. If 73% would consider sourcing their gown on eBay, then for mundane purchases how much higher would that figure be?

Is there anything that you wouldn’t feel happy to purchase on eBay, and what’s the most important/expensive item that you have bought on the site?

8 Responses

  1. I would never buy shoes or such an important item as a wedding dress on ebay. I want to make sure something fits before money changes hands.

    The most expensive item I bought on ebay was some stock, back in my very, very early ebaying days. It never arrived as it was stolen by a casual postman. I didn’t get my money back either as the seller didn’t believe me and at the time I had no idea I could get it back via Paypal.

  2. I actually sell wedding dreses and shoes on ebay.
    to be perfectly honest our refund policy is now the standard 14 days.
    Thus it should give you the aditional peace of mind that you can return any item for full refund,
    However when it comes to wedding dresse youd be shocked to learn some people leave buying there dress till the lst minute……. using the dress for the day and returning it……..were not a hire service and these things are expensive loss when they come back with marks on them and evidence of perfume over them etc…….All non re sellable BUT PERSONALLY YES I WOULD BUY A WEDDING DRESS ON EBAY BUT NOT FROM A HIGH POSTAGE CHINESE SELLER

  3. very rough figure’ is a understatement, a figure like this from a website for tech savvy girls, who by definition are less likely to be looking for a ‘traditional’ wedding dress, is almost worthless.

    I’d suspect the figures would be (more than) reversed if you took a survey at a local shopping center or a high street bridal shop on a Saturday morning, and equally worthless.

  4. I’m having my wedding dress made to measure locally, but I did buy four pair of shoes on eBay to alternate throughout my wedding weekend (high heels for the ceremony, medium heels for dancing, flats for the brunch the next day) – and paid a total of €100.97 including shipping, which I’m delighted with. Three pairs fit perfectly; one didn’t, so I returned them and got them exchanged with a different size.

    See them here:

    Also, I have to point out that the best quality pair (the ones on the red cloth in the photo) came from Italy and are made by a very reputable shoemaker; the other three come from UK sellers (including the one that I exchanged). I am not too concerned about quality or durability for something that I am only going to wear for a day or two. Similarly, I would tend to disagree with the statement that “a wedding dress is probably the most important dress a woman will ever own”. I can think of more crucial outfits than this, such as my scuba diving wetsuit.

  5. i did buy my wedding dress on ebay.
    now, it was a 1950’s vintage beaded party dress…. not what most people think of when they think wedding.
    it was gorgeous and the seller was very helpful.



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