eBay Germany slashes insertion fees to 1c

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a massive cut in insertion fees for business sellers in certain categories over the next two and a half months. From 29th May to 16th August, sellers in electronics and books categories will pay just 1c insertion fees for Buy It Now listings (including multiple item listings) if they offer PayPal as a payment method. Categories included in the offer are:

  • Audio & Hi-Fi
  • Books
  • Computer
  • Photo & Camcorder
  • TV,Video & Elektronics

The 1c insertion fee includes Gallery pictures.

Excluded from the offer are private sellers, Stores listings and Auction listings. There’s a bit more small print, so do read it before you list.

eBay have made lots of noise in recent months about linking fees to seller success (i.e. lower IFs and higher FVFs), and about encouraging sellers to list their entire inventory on eBay. By presenting it as a special offer rather than a permanent price change, they retain the facility to change things as they see how the new pricing affects sellers’ listing behaviour. I don’t think this will be the last of this kind of offer we see.

4 Responses

  1. OMG 😯 If only they’d do this in the UK 😀

    I wonder if the driver is more to push acceptance of PayPal or as an encouragement for buisness sellers to list more inventory. Germany lives on Bank Transfer so PayPal growth is key, but removing bars to enable sellers to list all of their inventory on eBay is also a stated goal.

  2. I suspect “PayPal only” fee offers are also going to become more common. It’s a package: the question eBay want answered is “if there is no fee bar to listing, is PayPal a bar itself?”


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