eBay UK Seller Dashboard launched, broken

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eBay UK . Sellers can now see where they score on a range of eBay measures:

  • PowerSeller status: what you need to do to move to the next level, or whether you’re in danger of dropping down the ranks
  • search standing: are your listings being disadvantaged in search?
  • seller discounts: did you get one last month, and will you get one next time?
  • account status: have you paid your seller invoice?
  • policy compliance: have you broken any eBay rules? how many are you allowed to break each month?
  • DSRs: are you better than average or worse? Scores are now being calculated to two decimal places, and you can see your average over 30 days and 12 months.

This should have been introduced months ago when all the policies changed, but we’ll let that go: it’s an incredibly useful tool for sellers and should finally make it possible to keep an eye on all the things you need to think about to be a success on eBay (except perhaps actually making a profit – you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself).

But it wouldn’t be a new feature on eBay if it didn’t come with a glitch, and the Dashboard came with a real corker. Numerous sellers yesterday reported seeing messages that their accounts were in breach of unspecified policies.

Click screenshots to embiggen. Thanks to iposters and Board_Surfer.

According to one Account Manager, the problem was caused by “was caused by the tool retrieving data from an incorrect location within our systems”, and should now be fixed. But in the current climate, this is a glitch that should never have been allowed to happen.

11 Responses

  1. I live in the U.S. and manage 3 eBay Powerseller accounts and when the Seller Dashboard was rolled out here, every one of my accounts had problems.

    One account showed that I had a policy violation for Shill Bidding but there was no date or details. I called my rep and was told that last year someone accused me of Shill Bidding (anonymously) and that I was found innocent but that report caused the incorrect reporting on the Seller Dashboard (now fixed).

    One account showed a policy violation and said that my account was suspended. A quick call to my rep and I was told that the Dashboard was reporting an error and that my account was just fine. The problem continues to come and go on my Dashboard but it has been almost 24 hours now without the big red triangle appearing and warning that my account has been suspended. So maybe that problem has been resolved.

    One account was displaying a 99.1% feedback despite my true 100% feedback. My rep said she had not seen that problem before and was going to report it. As of today, still not fixed. But I hear that no one at eBay is looking into any incorrect reporting issues regarding feedback scores or percentages until mid-June.

    One of my biggest concerns about the Seller Dashboard is the lack of any real information. I have a blog article today that describes the problems with the Buyer Satisfaction section of the Seller Dashboard and helps to explain why there may be so many Dolphins being caught in the net.

  2. Finally, somewhere on eBay where they actually state the number of violations you can have before losing your status…

    At the bottom of my Powerseller section it says that only violations within 60 days count. But I’m still Poor on Policy Compliance according to them, even though my two VERO mistakes ran out on 28th May..

    Poor is how I describe eBay’s form at running out new systems without glitches

  3. The Policy Compliance section is not working properly for us. The OH is still showing poor despite this being for an offense back on 5th March which should have dropped off by now.

  4. It’s not the only glitch. Some sellers are seeing mixed messages about their powerseller status.

    So am I or aren’t I? Beats me.

  5. The figures keep changing too. The full dashboard appeared, then some of it went away and took 0.03 off all my scores. When it all came back they were no better and are now up and down like a fiddlers elbow. Lets hope the figures are “accurate” (ahem) by the time the accounts take their screenshots for invoicing purposes.
    Brokener, perfect word Sue!

  6. My AM told me that viloations will drop off after 90 days as I have a VERO from 14 March. So I am now confident and positive that come 14 June or there abouts it will be gone………

  7. Its like having a school report. How patronising! I am a (grown up) businessman, I have been in business for 22 years. I do not need a nanny/teacher to tell me how I am doing, or give me stars. I want to be able to sell my stock to my customers without hinderance from ebay, with their visibility ‘changes’. I have always looked after my customers with good care – Its a great pity ebay are incapable of doing the same.

    I have my own performance checks, built into my business already thank you ebay!

    Basing performance ratings on subjective feedback, left by buyers who may or may not understand how the system works, is flawed at best. ebay are suspending sellers based on this system and a large number of them do not deserve this treatment. The suspended sellers quite often have no way to improve their ratings within the alloted 30 days. They cannot sell or get buyers to withdrawn unfair feedback. They are then suspended permanently from buying or selling on all accounts at the given address.

    Completely ridiculous! Very badly thought out and it gives me no confidence in the management at all.

  8. Exactly. Ebay is asking the seller for nigh on impossibilities. How can you please all your buyers all the time? They demand that we take care of our customers, yet thay can’t do the same to theirs. I agree about subjective feedback. How can ebay allow someones entire business to fold because of subjective feedback left by possibly the most unstable person? Ludicrous!

  9. And another thing…surely feedback ratings is to give buyers a choice. Whether they want to trade with this seller. If they check his feedback and decide, yes, I think they are safe, then they buy from them. If every seller with negs is removed, then the only sellers left will be those with positives. They may be new ebayers, appear whiter than white, but, may in fact be rogues, who haven’t revealed their true natures yet because of lack of feedback. Buyer buys from them and get’s stung. Far from protecting the buyers, it destroys all the good sellers, and leaves the buyers now more clueless and uncertain than before. Well done ebay, well done.


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