Expanded Seller Dashboard goes live on eBay UK

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The has gone live on eBay UK, and it is the all singing all dancing version showing DSRs to 1/100ths.

Their only appear to be two differences to the US version – Search Standing is only “Standard” or “Lowered”, with no “Raised” (To get standard visibility your DSRs need to be all 4.4 or above, in the US it’s 4.6 on P&P for standard and 4.7 on all 4 DSRs for raised). The second difference is that there’s no Buyer Satisfaction rating on the UK version. Buyer Satisfaction is measured from your DSRs, your overall Feedback rating, and any buyer protection claims against your eBay account.

I’m not sure why Buyer Satisfaction ratings aren’t included in the UK dashboard, as the state they are used to calculate whether you have earned Standard or Lowered Search standing. This part of the Seller Dashboard on eBay.com is blocked for UK registered users.

Overall the Dashboard is a great utility for measuring your eBay performance, and now it’s like on the UK site I’m guessing there will be a lot of users visiting the utility over the next day or two and a lot of threads on discussion boards 😉

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  1. So it is, it wasn’t there an hour ago!
    Is there no “raised” status in the UK then? I thought that was why my sales had gone up recently! Must be some other reason then. At least I’ll get my Powerseller status back in June as I’ve now sold enough this month (added to the previous 2 months) to qualify. Although the items sold figures on the dashboard seem to be about 2 days behind the actual sales.

  2. Is there no “raised” status in the UK then? I thought that was why my sales had gone up recently!

    Maybe all your competitors have lowered standing in Best Match? 😛

  3. Looks OK.

    Is DSR now only 12months instead of 30 days? gone from 5,5,4.9,4.8 to 4.92,4.8,4.39,4.68 ?

    I have standard Sue BTW and have one rating at 4.39?

    If standard is the top, why is it called standard? I’m off to bed…night all.

  4. Is it broke already ?

    Last couple of days on .com, I could see my DSR to two decimal points. Today, .com and UK are only showing the one decimal point

  5. lol…sorry! typo.

    Mine has gone again?! I was just about to ask about %feedback, in the new dashboard it said mine was 97.8% in the powerseller section, the visible % is 96.3.

    It was 96.8 last night but more positives are dropping out of the 12 month period than are coming in!! HTF am I supposed to force people to leave feedback!?

  6. The percentages are all over the place at the moment – I have one ID that’s showing 100% on my listings but only 99.7% 🙁 on the feedback page. And I can’t get a dashboard at all…

  7. Hasn’t reached my page yet. I had a look in .com it was pretty but there are other things I would rather ebay concentrated on fixing instead.

  8. I think they’ve killed it good and proper, shame cos they’ve officially announced it on the AB 😀

    No doubt it’ll be back soon 🙂

  9. Just popped over to the PS board for a lurk, ouch! It’s not a happy place 😕

    I’m happy on the naughty step or corner where I am most of the time 😀 ebay seems to be very volatile at the moment, hopefully things will settle down a bit soon.

    Not sure what to make of the Raised Level not been on the UK dashboard tho 😕

  10. Well mine has gone again, this morning it’s just the old UK dashboard as before. Must be just like other changes in the past where they come and go for a while.

  11. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the new “Dashboard” last night with my “Visibility” having been lowered by eBay because I must’ve just fallen short of their satisfaction rating for P&P.
    Now, I was never aware that my postage and packaging charges were high; I’d always thought that they were rather on the low side, but since I reside in Ireland and list on eBay UK, I have to pay international European postage rates for items I sell to the UK. I know that, eBay should know that, but not ever Tom, Dick and Harry who lives in the UK and buys on eBay is aware of that. Yet eBay let every Tom, Dick and Harry decide what is expensive and what isn’t and therefore decide how successful my trading on eBay will be in the future. (By the way, no point in listing on eBay Ireland because there are too few people using eBay in this country.)
    I had a nearly sleepless night after seeing those changes on eBay. What are they trying to do? Destroy eBay altogether?
    I will now add yet another paragraph to my shipping terms on eBay to explain why my postage may be marginally higher than that of a UK seller, but I think this should be completely unnecessary, especially when I’ve never charged excessive postage.
    Also: If I were a power seller, I’d be able to get more favourable postage rates from the post office and from couriers, but again, it’s the small casual eBay seller who’s been targeted by these new measures.
    I’m deeply disappointed and am wondering what rights we have left on eBay and if it’s even worth continuing.

  12. Well its all gone downhill with the new dashboard.
    So many sellers being suspended, for trivial things.
    I myself have fallen too, 8 years trading on an ebay shop to be “closed” overnight.
    What for you ask, one negative(unjustified) and a neutral(buyer pressed wrong button by mistake) in the 30 day window. feedback of 99.6% before.
    Then you need to improve your ratings to reopen your account, but you can not trade. So how do you improve your ratings?
    Ebay are making it too risky for sellers, all it takes is one spitefull buyer to get your account suspended. How can you trade with that hanging over you?


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