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There’s this company which I adore because they’re one of the most unlikely companies you’d expect to embrace the Internet.

Topskips (yes a skip hire company) have a website, they have a blog, they even have their own online company TV channel, and back in July 2007 Topskips started to accept PayPal. The reason I like them so much is they pretty much do everything an eBay seller should be doing – website, blog, video (waves to the guys at vzaar) and online payments.

Now however the competition is hotting up in the skip payments industry – Topskips have just announced they’ll be accepting Google Checkout in addition to PayPal. That’s not something that’ll happen any time soon on eBay, but for your own website offering a choice of payment methods is one of the top ways to ensure customers don’t abandon shopping carts.

If you’ve never visited the Topskips website it’s well worth a browse. You might not be in the market for skip hire, but they could teach an awful lot of businesses just how to fully embrace the web.

8 Responses

  1. 1) Hire a skip
    2) Hire one of OUR skips
    3) Hire one of the most expensive skips we rent out
    4) Pay us lots of lovely money, and we’ll send round the boys with a nice skip
    5) Skips don’t grow on trees you know
    6) Hire your skip from US

    but I can’t think of a seventh one…

    Oh yes…

    7) get another skip – you can never have too many skips…

  2. No if you read it the 7 steps is really good. They tell you about all the common problems people have with skip companies and how to get round them. Eg why you can’t fill your skip above the level – ie its against the law, stuff like that.

  3. The seven steps are good, it’s just a shame it comes across as if it was an e-book purporting to tell you how to become a PowerSeller on eBay 🙁

  4. Oh don’t get me wrong… I am sure that it is excellent useful reading.

    I was just tickled by the thought of a get rich quick skip scheme, and then wondered what 7-step might match.. but I wasn’t having any form of dig at the skippies..

  5. I have a problem with eBay. Last year I sold multiple items and was not able to ship them in a reasonable amount of time – quite honestly, because my husband had a GI Hemorrhage which landed him in MS-ICU for a week. Anyhow, I did in fact ship all the items PLUS gave all the buyers a FULL REFUND. Some of the buyer refused to remove their negative marks against me, and eBay claims that because I was not able to get them to remove the marks within 30 days, I can no longer sell or buy on eBay and am NEVER allowed to register with them again. I have sent numerous letters, including copies of e-mails from the buyers stating they received the items and the money, but eBay won’t let me re-join. Is there anything anyone can do to intercede in this mess? Thanks, Kelly


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