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vzaar have made some small but significant changes to make managing video inserts on eBay auctions even easier to manage.

One of the best is the ability to copy and paste the video embed code, so that it can easily be placed on auction templates or the sellers about me page. This is for power users who want to position the video at a precise spot within their template. It makes life very easy for sellers using a standard “About Me” video in all of their auctions as it can be inserted in their auction template and then the template used for all future listings.

A great enhancement is on auction relists, if the original auction used vzaar the same video now be automatically inserted into the reslisted auction without any intervention from the seller. This is especially useful for sellers that use automation to relist unsold items.

vzaar videos now recognise if a listing is fixed price or an auction. The video frame now displays “Bid Now” or “Buy Now” depending on the buyer behaviour available.

Another great tweek is as the auction enters the final 30 minutes the video player turns a strong red once the film ends, with visible encouragement for the buyer to place a bid.

Anything that encourages buyers to bid is good news, and I really like this feature, making bid button stand out in this way is a great move.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest changes and product enhancements at vzaar they’re now releasing them on Twitter. You can follow their tweets from their Twitter ID, goingonatvzaar

17 Responses

  1. Now now!

    In all seriousness we hope you like the subtle changes. The new About Me links policy thankfully does not impact our service so you can start to place videos on that page.

  2. Hey Jamie, I have a question – will you be considering expanding the scope of the vzaar profile so that people could add in more information about themselves? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. while your around jamie

    I typed in Vazzar .com
    rather than Vzarr and got a photo hosting type site.
    very confusing,
    A name change for vzarr could be a good idea
    though easier said than done I know,
    I dont use Vzarr on many listings because of the time element,
    though those I do use it on. its invaluable

  4. Which is a bit worrying, Norf, coz what you should have been typing is vzaar ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    vzarrrr, video hosting for pirates. Sorry. I’ll get my coat.

  5. what is even more worrying sue
    is I typed in Vazarr in error
    because the green link thingy on the vazaar tame bay featured video thingy
    did not work

  6. To be quite honest North just reading your two comments made my head spin. Dan has just had to take me to the sick bay to lie down. If I knew what you were trying to ask for I’d be happy to try and help. Spell it out for me now ๐Ÿ™‚

    For clarity (and for the google juice) our name is vzaar and our URL is http://www.vzaar.com

  7. It’s like this Jamie, on the Tamebay front page on the left hand side, a rather fetching young lady is straddling a scooter…at the bottom of the box(thats going to sound wrong) there is a what appears to be a link which says after rolling the mouse over it “visit vzaar and upload your own” clicking it results in nowt happening.

    I believe that is what north was referring to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. thats it whirly,

    and if your a left handed dyslexic old fart with dementia
    like me and you type Vazarr in your address window
    rather than Vzarr
    you get a photo hosting site you spend 10 minutes on looking for an ebay video uplink
    before you realise your stupid and have typed the wrong address in

  9. I’ve just looked and there doesn’t appear to be any ‘vazarr’ domains registered, so where on earth was this photo sharing site, you’ve got me curious now.


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