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When eBay banned non-positive feedback for buyers earlier this month, many sellers were understandably worried that this would lead to negative and neutral sprees by buyers, with no right of response. Two weeks after the change rolled out, it’s clear that a few buyers had indeed waited until the changeover to leave their own non-positive feedback. Did they know about the change in advance and wait deliberately, or did eBay’s announcements that buyers can no longer be negged inspire those buyers to leave negative feedback when previously, they’d have said nothing?

eBay did their best to reassure sellers that they were not going to push buyers towards non-positive feedback: the pop-up message informing buyers of the change in policy would, they said, show up a maximum of three times. Sadly, this isn’t true: , a PowerSeller and power buyer, has seen the pop-up message when leaving feedback for her sellers more than twenty times. I’ve seen it half a dozen times and counting. Chris saw it when leaving positive feedback for a *buyer*. This “neg your sellers if you want to” message is not going away.

It’s not only there. The little logo people are on eBay’s front page, telling buyers of their new powers:

I want to leave honest feedback

I wonder if using the red person was a coincidence?

And many UK-registered buyers received eBay’s marketing email yesterday, again reminding them – twice! – that they can now leave as many negatives as they want to.

I want to leave honest feedback we want peace of mind

Enough already!

Until now, I’ve largely been in favour of these feedback changes. I think they will give buyers more confidence that the feedback they’re checking is accurate; if buyers have more confidence in the site, we should all have more sales. But eBay have to get the balance right; at the moment, every seller is at the mercy of their buyers. Safeguards for sellers – the hub to report feedback abuse and the removal of negative and neutral feedback from NARU members – keep being promised “soon”, when these should have rolled at exactly the same time as the other changes. Sellers have been penalised first, helped second, and it should not have worked like that.

Don’t stop selling

More problematically, the way that percentages are being calculated does sellers a huge disservice. Seller non-performance seems to be worked out on a rolling 30 day average. If you cut back on your sales, a couple of neutrals, that you thought wouldn’t affect you, may suddenly come to represent a much higher percentage of your feedback, and could leave you with sanctions against your account. Those who are cutting back their eBay sales and closing their Shops may not care, but I predict the sight of eBay sellers returning from holidays to suspended accounts will be more common this year than it’s ever been.

eBay really need to find us a better incentive to keep listing than that!

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  1. Excellent post Sue. Like you I was generally in favour of the changes and as yet we have not been inundated with “stored up” negs. But I hate the constant reminders to buyers that they can (leave a neg) leave honest feedback.

    It’s an unsettling feeling being an ebay seller at the moment, but I think that something had to bedone about ebays “dodgy” image, if these changes help in the medium – long term, we will all be grateful.

  2. we got a negative recently on an ID that has been 100% for 4 years ,we have no doubt it was aided and abetted by this ebay message,

    though its far from being in jeopardy of suspension at the moment
    it has one or two outstanding customer service issues
    that are part of the everyday experiance of ebay,

    ,we are a little concerned about this ID
    surely this is wrong ,that due to ebays new stance a previously outstanding selling ID ,is perceived to be in possible danger,
    their cracking a nut with a sledghammer

  3. I could be an edge case dolphin in the net very easily.

    The new dashboard/hub or whtever you want to call it won’t make a hap’orth of difference. It won’t stop the neg or ‘non positive’ if it decides to come and I have no faith in eBay removing it.

    Hey ho, such is life

  4. Well said Sue, I had an email too as a ‘good’ buyer with contact phone number.

    We now have a dedicated team you can call on 020 8*8* 2***.

    As a seller (different ID) I understand if problems arise with a seller Ebay have in the past been slow to act. Personnally I would have only left a NEG as a very last result.
    NOW I feel at a very large disadvantage. The playing field is no longer even. We all know there are some buyers who no matter what you try to do, they cannot be satisfied. To give them more power is wrong when the seller canot fight back.

    Last week I sold something using by buyers ID. It said in the listing 3 times collection only within 7 days.
    The buyer eventually contact us (2 weeks after auction end) and said they were arranging acourier to collect!! and pay us at the same time.

    Yes the courier arrived today, un-announced to collect with NO money. He left with nothing.

    AS a seller (in this instance) the buyer although not following the listing terms, can NEG us, but we cannot NEG them for the mess, they have created.

    Is ebay now being more unfair to the sellers (the fee payers) YES damn right they are.

    Thank you ebay……..

  5. Amazon sellers can’t leave feedback for buyers. Potentially the odds are the same on both platforms for losing a selling account due to non performance. Why is there such a climate of fear on ebay?
    Because for months now ebay have driving the message home to buyers that they are supreme, all the changes are for their benefit and sellers are pond-life and need to be told so with thought and word and deed.
    Most Amazon buyers don’t even know feedback exists, never mind use it.
    True, buyers should be treated correctly, but not at the expense of turning the sellers into jellyfish. After all, the buyer comes to ebay to buy from the seller. If there are fewer sellers, buyers too will go elsewhere.

  6. TC – I’m not an Amazon seller, so this is purely anecdotal, but I also get the impression that Amazon are more anxious to work with their sellers to keep them selling – it’s a mutually beneficial business relationship. When eBay employees can refer to suspended sellers as “edge cases” and “dolphins caught in the net”, that really sellers are viewed as entirely dispensible. It may of course be just a PR problem, but if so, it’s a *major* PR problem and it’s one that eBay are doing little to resolve right now.

  7. Amazon sellers can’t leave feedback for buyers…. actually YES sellers on Amazon can leave feedback for buyers, but no one ever bothers to as Amazon buyers aren’t as precious about feedback as eBay buyers are and most don’t even know that they can receive it.

    Equally on Amazon buyers aren’t deluged with communications advising them that they can neg sellers with impunity.

  8. Sue, ebay have never been good at PR, lol. I don’t see that improving anytime soon either.
    Ebay have also always been in support of the revolving door, 1-out-3in, scenario. New sellers just list and list and list, spending pounds to make pennies whereas savvy, established sellers milk every £ for listing value, get paypal special rates and use ebay sales to avertise websites.
    It makes sense for ebay to prefer thousands of sellers who list everything for whole pounds, pay 3.4% in the pound on paypal and who don’t moan about recent changes.
    Pi$$ing savvy sellers off is no accident imho, ditto the tidalwave of accounts being suspended overnight.

  9. Only certain kinds of basic selling accounts can leave feedback on Amazon. Those with Merchant accounts (seller central users) cannot.

    Amazon buyers are reminded to leave feedback 1 month after the transaction (if they have not done so already). Most buyers don’t bother to leave any as it’s not reciprocated.

  10. I am in favour of the changes ebay have made but since the new system has arrived I have received 7 bad feedbacks in only 13 days and in the previous 78 days had no bad feedback against my account. My overall percentage has gone down the tube and 7 out of the 7 feedback comments received the customer has said they would be happy to withdraw their comments as they acted hastily. There is no facility to get the feedback withdrawn which means I am going to lose my powerseller status and will probably get struct off ebay. I do feel that I have no choice to leave eBay which is bitterly disappointing when I had worked so hard to improve my feedback. I do feel eBay have made a fundamental error when Amazon and Play both allow you to get feedback withdrawn. I will be closing my eBay account in the next couple of weeks.

  11. The main purpose of all the recent feedback changes was to give buyers comfort to use the system honestly so that it continues to work as it’s intended to in exposing bad sellers.

    We’re coming off a decade of buyers being used to being able to receive negs from sellers. It will take a long time to counter that belief and to get the message through to them in a way that sticks, changes their behaviour and makes them more confident – so a bit of repetition in the message is no bad thing from that point of view.

    The posters on this site aren’t the main intended audience for these messages – you all know eBay inside out, but that makes you very unusual. The main audience are the millions of occasional buyers who aren’t as closely engaged with eBay and with whom this important message will take a little while to sink in.


  12. Fair point Richard.

    I know it’s all been said before, but thier SHOULD have been something more solid in place to appeal hasty/untruthful/inadvertant feedback that was introduced at the same time as the feedback changes.

    I say this as someone who when trying to gain new suppliers at a recent trade fair, found merchants who had nice saleable stock, that would have been ideal for ebay, say that they didn’t want to see thier stuff end up on ebay. I’m sure part of this is to protect bloated margins, but partly because ebay still has a “Dell Boy & Rodney” image to many people.

    In the long run, I think it will help, we just have to ride out the wave of disconcertion (is that a word?) 🙂

  13. @ Richard

    To be honest I think the new feedback system is good and will actually give buyers more confidence to buy on eBay but as a seller it is not giving me confidence to sell on Ebay.

    The clear message from the feedback changes is that sellers would like to have a withdraw feedback system.

    ie. I received an email from a buyer who had not received their item, this happens but the customer left us negative feedback less than a minute after emailing us. That did not give us the opportunity to investigate and resolve this situation. Infact it makes me feel why should I even bother resolving this situation because often we would contact the customer, explain what has happened and ensure a replacement would be with them tomorrow. The customer would receive the item then happily withdraw their feedback.

    I am afraid your system is not going to work for sellers and feel that as soon as you start suspending sellers account because of performance issues they will not have a chance to recover so will leave. I am making the decision to leave now and wait in hope that somebody in eBay wakes up to the situation.

  14. We have taken the decision to take 6-8 weeks off of eBay to see what happens and to see if the site settles down. We are fortunate to be able to afford to do this.

    The number one issue we have is that we run 2 totally separate businesses and if one ID gets suspended then it is likely that eBay will link both and suspend both. Not the best business model in the world !

    The message that seems to be taking hold in buyers is neg/neutral first and then negotiate. This is going to backfire as more and more sellers will take the attitude, they can’t do anything else to me so why should I bother.

  15. @ Richard.
    So you can say, hand on heart, that ALL sellers who have lost recently/will loose their accounts in the next 2 months are ALL BAD SELLERS?

    Yes, bad sellers WILL end up losing their accounts and quite rightly, but just how many good sellers WHO ARE only VICTIMS OF BAD BUYERS be compromised?

  16. OK, so eBay have implemented some of the changes in a cavalier fashion and it seems are prepared to except collateral damage (dolphins, etc.) in the process.

    I say, What’s done’s done and the way forward is to look at your business model and address any weakness in the light of the new regime.

    Reading between the lines I get the impression eBay are ready and willing to modify the rules as and when necessary but they will only do this as and when the data indicates the necessity, not as a result of speculative winging on the boards.

    I don’t know about others but 99% of my feedback comes within 24 hours of receipt of goods, so I personally don’t feel worried about shutting down for holidays.

  17. Oh, and I have been leaving positive feedback on receipt of payment for well over two years with no significant problems.

  18. We are a small volume seller on Ebay and had a good record until the new feedback system was introduced.

    We have decided to stop selling on ebay until they start thinking about the sellers.

    I sell on Amazon and have my own account manager, when I telephone them for advise and have any issues, you immediately know that they care about you and your business. This is not the case with Ebay……

    Ebay send you automated responses to emails send and sound robotic when you telephone them and ask them any questions.

    It is clear ebay do not treat sellers as customers and have not listened to any feedback from sellers with regards to the new changes.

    I was optimistic with the new changes as it is no different to selling on Amazon with regards to not being able to leave feedback to customers but taking away withdraw feedback for me is the nail in the coffin.

    The ebay figures are going to make interesting reading in 6 months time and will only get sellers to come back when they offer free listings like Amazon which is a far better sales channel.

  19. I just feel that sellers are being deeply affected by the changes and personally feel let down by eBay as an organisation.

    I received an email last week saying that unless I improve my feedback I will lose my powerseller status.

    My feedback score was at 97.5% and thought that I could turn the situation around within the timescale but since I received that email I have been hit with some feedback. My customers acted hastily because they never got a quick reply to an email, I mean within an hour. When we apologised and resolved the situation they were happy and said they would be happy to withdraw their feedback. When I went to issue the request it was no longer available.

    My feedback score is now at 97.2% and the task of turning it around has made me feel really deflated and feel the best option is to close my eBay account.

    I am a genuine seller and feel because we are a small seller there is not a place for us on ebay.

    I do not expect eBay to do anything about this as when I spoke to my account manager they have had it programmed in them what to say without any care in the world.

  20. @Richard

    Is it EVER acceptable that one decent seller becomes a dolphin in the net?

    Is it EVER acceptable that one persons income has been unfairly removed?

    Is it EVER acceptable that Ebay should treat these hardworking sellers in such a contemptable manner?

    The problem with the feedback situation is the 30 days.

    30 days is insufficient to smooth out any seller issues.

    The time between reciept of neutral/neg and the time to balance the account ratings, is too short.

    Until you resolve that, keep listening to the squeeling dolphins Richard.

    Ebay is killing them right now…


  21. @Richard

    How long are you goint to watch these poor sellers suffer?

    Ebay has no compassion for its good sellers anymore.

    Such a shame, as a brilliant company has become a corporate monster with no feelings for its customers.

    That cannot last forever. What goes around comes around.


  22. Also Richard, we have been on Ebay for 5 years.

    We have never sold anywhere else.

    But now we are developing our website and getting our long term plans in place.


    Because Ebay has failed its customer base.

    Not by looking after buyers.

    But by neglecting its good sellers.

    We no longer trust Ebay or yourself and the rest of the management team.

    You have no right to that trust anymore.

    Trust is earned.


  23. It feels we are all of the same opinion that the management of eBay have made a big mistake by taking the facility away for sellers to get feedback withdrawn.

    The question is will they wait for sellers to leave before they admit to the mistake or make the changes now.

    eBay is already in decline and this could be the final nail in the coffin for them if they choose to ignore sellers comments.

  24. Sorry Mark but I don’t think Richard is coming back. That’s not his style.☺

  25. (Maybe he’s working on some fugures. Wondering why there is an increase in new seller accounts that are obviously businesses masquarading as private sellers)

  26. @ Richard

    I am a new seller. Due to having to sell my house I am likely to be a low volume seller for the forseeable future (probably 10/20 items per month). I feel at any moment the ability to sell can be withdrawn. I am not scaremongering. I have worked in a shop and done customer service jobs, some in difficult circumstances, I know the majority of people are fine to deal with, but it would be foolish to ignore that small percentage who are never satisfied; in come cases it’s down to malice, others it’s pure carelessness. Why did the email sent to buyers only emphasis that they can now give neutrals and negatives and not receive them? Surely a professional organisation who protected buyers and seller equally would have also warned buyers that it is an offence to give false feedback? I have looked on other blogs and forums and been horrified by some of the stories. Okay, I know people have all sorts of reasons for using those sites, but I see little in eBay’s responses to reassure people such as myself that the 30 day SNP is not going to get us thrown off the site unjustly. The fact eBay refuses to reveal the formula for SNP suspensions just adds to the feeling of distrust that emanates from eBay towards sellers. The scammers will always find that information, so you are only punishing the honest people who are most vulnerable. It’s like the Inland Revenue refusing to tell people how their tax is worked out, because some people fiddle it!

  27. Ebay closes accounts daily with ambiguous or no reason, they will shut down your home business without giving you a chance for any explanation or defense, no notices, nothing. It takes a lot of work and proof to get back on and get back to business, if you can get back to your home business. It is very easy to violate an eBay listing policy guideline without knowing it. There is a site with free information for suspended ebay accounts http://www.suspended-from-ebay.com

  28. As Mark Classic writes we as sellers we have no trust at all in ebay and its decision making,

    how on earth can you plan for the long term on ebay when dramatic and idiotic changes are made literally every month,

    Ebay is still a great place to trade however it is getting less enjoyable and more and more time consuming to reap any kind of reward,

    we just hope that sooner or later a viable alternative is available, this will happen in the end but time is not on the side of many businesses

  29. I agree JR I don’t trust ebay any more, I have worked my bottom off (like many many sellers) trying to keep up with every change and test that ebay has made and am growing very weary with it.

    I have holidayed my shop for a while as I’m due to move, right now I am not missing my “ebay stress” one little bit!

  30. I’ve sold on eBay for about five years, very happily really, until this last couple of months. Now I’m a nervous wreck, just waiting for the death blow to fall.

    eBay sellers have no control over our own fate and livelihood any more, and are completely at the mercy of someone who’s mean enough, or just annoyed enough – could be with anything – to ruin a business overnight.

    Richard seems to have a strange policy at the moment of making inflammatory, hurtful and provoking comments, as though he wants to wind sellers up even more. I don’t really understand why this is, but suspect there is a sinister motive!

  31. Seriously worried here. My FB averages around 100-150 a month will only take 2 unhappy buyers and I’m off ebay by the new rules.
    Ebay used to be fun and now ?
    Already have 1 neut fair comment but no contact prior to getting it. Problem solved but no way of getting it removed anymore.
    Will I still be on ebay in 12 months ?
    Thats down to my buyers.
    Or at least the ones who choose to leave FB.
    Being judged on a voluntary comments by the ones who opt to leave fb is unfair.
    Total transactions should also be shown.

  32. The ebay feedback model is a version of the Amazon model with a lot of the thought removed.

    The main reason it works for Amazon is YES they do work with you (in fact I would say they are too forgiving) but in reality the buyer quality is light years away from the ebay buyer profile.

    Richard himself implied that to get a message across to the average ebay buyer you have to repeat it ad infinitum and if anyone knows the ebay buyer demographic it will be him.

    Ebay contributes less than 10% of our t/o even with featured sales and a revamped shop (and 1st class fb) and I will only put up with so much.

    As a company we dont have time to spend overelaborating ebay buyers in comparison to any other sales – if we dont fit “new” ebay we will leave. The process is that If we lose discount we go to SIF listings only, If we get suspended we only return when “new” ebay goes Gordon Brown esq

    In years to come this “happening” will be the stuff of legend – how the unbreakable was broken – universities all over the world will use this as a (basket) case study

    DSLiverpool (nine years and 2 months as a happy ebay bunny)

  33. I have to say, I agree entirely with Mark @ #20

    The changes to feedback I could happily take. For me, it’s the SNP changes brought in at the same time that are destroying morale out there

    A day snapshot is NOT enough to see if someone is underperforming, particularly at this time of year when sales in many areas are slower.

    Frankly, a couple of neutral FB and I will be suspended under SNP – and yet my DSRs are all above average, it makes no sense whatsoever & it certainly doesn’t make me want to put any effort in

  34. I too agree with Mark @#20. I can live with the feedback, it’s the SNP issue that has shaken me to the core.

    Last month Royal Mail “misplaced” my entire Monday posting for nearly 2 weeks. That’s 3 days of eBay sales or 10% of my customers in a 30 day period. If just half of those had “expressed buyer dissatisfaction” I would be gone under Richard’s new rules.

    Fortunately craft buyers are in the main patient, educated and generally lovely, so I survived with just a few more grey hairs. I believe a seller in one of the tougher categories (eg DVDs) would not have stood a chance.

    Everything new goes straight to the website now. For us eBay is just ticking over.

    Louise (founder member of the “Lost the Will to List” club)

  35. Well I have two business accounts one 19k+ feedback and another 17k, both well within limits on 30-90 day DSR and % of Neg & Neutral, so you would think I am not worried about the new changes?

    Well eBay in striving for buyer confidence, have succeeded in giving me seller lack of confidence, I am going to scale back my sales on eBay and scale up my other side of the business, I cannot trust eBay to continue to offer me a safe platform to trade and have taken too much control of my business for it to continue to work as partnership.

    eBay helped me clear stock, and in the early days I would say it ‘saved’ my core business, so it is with regret that I feel it necessary to do this but the risks are too high, with stock in hand, on contract and on the water the risks are far too high that one morning my accounts could be closed or suspended leaving me with a stock and cash flow nightmare, thanks but no thanks.

  36. I remember someone saying eBay changes would see an end to feedback threads on the PS forum.

    Well that worked about as well is this new system. eBay, the land of the double negative.

    The way this system has been rolled out without any thought what-so-ever for the sellers that create eBay’s wealth in the first place is a travesty.

    Let’s face it Richard, the reason eBay has such a poor reputation is because you have allowed the scam artists, the Chinese exporters masquerading as UK based businesses, the counterfeit brigade and all the rest of the low life to run amuck unabated for far too long while decent sellers have been screaming till they are blue in the face for you to sort it out.

    The poor reputation of eBay is YOUR doing not ours.

    To instantly close down a seller, and therefore often their livelihood, with no regard as to whether it is fair or just is arrogance beyond belief. To use historical Neutral feedback as a negative totally disregarding the buyers wishes (who KNEW such feedback would not affect a sellers reputation either one way or another) is outrageous.

    To use the excuse that they would have left a negative if they knew that such feedback could not be returned is not a plausible excuse, you can’t second guess a buyers intentions plus many of us have Neutrals that were left in error as it wasn’t worth having it removed as we knew it didn’t have a negative effect.

    Here’s one of my Neutrals (therefore now NEGATIVE) feedbacks for you:
    Delighted thank you very much
    I guess that is just collateral damage is it?

  37. Has anyone noticed, how since the new feedback scores how many powersellers have dropped below the 98% postive ratings.
    I have seen dozens, who appear to be still trading & ebay are collecting their fees.

    As a seller we are STILL suspended after a 30 day spell & when reviewed was suspended for a further 30 days. Having looked at our feedback scores at NO TIME did our scores drop into NEG/NEU of 5%, way below in fact.

    On the other hand our buying *occassional selling’ account, Ebay gave us a contact phone number as we are ‘good buyer’.

    Talk about ‘want your cake and eat it’.

    This is one ebayer who as a good (general) seller & a good buyer is off to pastures anew. Ebay should give a trading update to the NY stock exchange, to tell it’s investors why it’s profits will be down soon…..very soon!!

  38. @ Richard

    Don’t talk bollocks Richard. Are you saying all ebay buyers are stupid and can’t read? Perhaps you’d like to ram that down their throats for a week and see where that gets you.

    The management and implementation of this new feedback system is about what we’d expect from ebay. Just the usual crap on a different day.

  39. By the way, now we all know why there are no ebay Universities this year.

    They’d get strung up if they dared show up.

    Amazon here we come…

  40. I agree with Andy T, I now know why they aren’t runnning any eBay U’s this year.

    My largely dormant website will becoming my priority over the next few months. Should I get suspended, which is quite possible as I have a low volume ID, My website will become my 100% priority.

    To me eBay had to take action, too many people were asking for it, and it was required, but I am seriously concerned that they have gone too far. Upset far too many sellers and the collateral damage could be more than “they” bargained for.

    Here’s waiting to see what pans out, but has already got plans in place….

  41. I am glad so many people feel the same way as us. Our aim is get off ebay ASAP to concentrate on our own websites.

    eBay are shooting themselves in the foot. Do they not realise that if they do not take care of their decent seller accounts, there will be nothing left for the buyers to buy!

    ebay is already on a serious decline…they are panicking, trying to attract buyers without any real grasp of how ebay works for big sellers on a daily basis.

    last one standing, turn out the light!

  42. Hello, I don’t usually contribute here. And honestly I don’t usually moan about Ebay either, the constant moaning on Ebay forums used to drive me mad actually. However I’m at the front of the screaming sellers’ queue today because someone decided to leave us 2 ‘neutral’ feedbacks 2 weeks after she purchased two children’s hats because apparently they don’t fit and she plans to return them (news to us obviously, as she hadn’t bothered to make contact before doing this). This is our third neutral in one week. Prior to that we had had one in six months, hence our overall feedback ratings is now down to 99.6 – yes I know that’s good but it was 99.9 a week ago, so what will it be a month from now? How on earth can a negative be ‘worth’ the same as someone who sends out fake goods, takes a fortnight to send or doesn’t send at all? I found myself in tears of frustration on the phone to some woman on the Ebay ‘help’ desk… no idea why I phoned really and no idea why I was in tears either (yes I know, get a grip woman, it’s only Ebay! Fear not, I’m on the wine now so it’s fine). It’s so frustrating that 3 years of hard work and thousands of positive feedbacks could so easily be wiped out by a handful of people who really don’t give a stuff whether you survive or not and probably wouldn’t even realise what they’d done to you by leaving a neutral, and Ebay seem not to care less. Now we’re really starting to worry about what all this will mean to us. Unbelievably, we could be closed down in a heartbeat if we get many more feedbacks like this. We were some of the sellers defending the changes a couple of weeks ago and spouting the ‘if you’re good you’ve got nothing to worry about’ mantra. Now it’s become apparent that Ebay are actively encouraging buyers to leave negative/neutral (same thing) feedback, that they affect our feedback rating in the same way, and that they can’t be withdrawn by mutual consent no matter what…. [goes off to lay in a darkened room]

  43. Richard of ebay UK sits in judgement over all ebays UK sellers.

    Well Richard we all hope you are very happy with yourself. No, no kidding well done old chap. You have single handledly screwed up something that was (if not broken) a bit messed up.
    You have taken it on yourself to sit in judjement of all the Small/Med sellers on ebay. AND, oh, you are a bad boy, slap on the back of hand job. You just ruining/runied probally 100’s of small businesses.

    A sprt to catch a mackrel is the old term……. What’s on earths wrong with you man… Can you not see what damage you are causing??…Probaly not just another silly corporate **** sucker who wants to lick his way to the top… Thats great keep licking…BUT be warned when you do get that further step up the laddfe, the view you’ll have won’t be very nice atall.

    Had YOU & your other ebay ‘noheads’ stopped things like this;-


    instead of allowing it to continue on so long with NO comments or stopping it, EBAY might just have a better reputation than it has.

    Remeber this & stop blaming everything on your army of small sellers, OH and for GOD’s sake (and your futures) change this bloody mess YOU have got Ebay into…..

  44. Re above;

    Oh and thats over 1000 buyers that will probaly NEVER WANT TO BUY ON EBAY AGAIN. Let alone all their friends that they will tell, who will not buy because of their mates experiences

    Ebay’s fault NOT the 1000’s sellers now payiong the price.


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