A life for sale, going cheap

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The eBay auction for has ended with the high bid at just under AU$400k (approx. £192k), rather short of the AU$500k he’d hoped for. He says he hasn’t yet had a chance to make contact with the winning bidder; he’s been too busy with television interviews.

Truth be told, I’m not really surprised this has ended like this. It seems that someone has got a nice house in Perth for a bargain price, and a few cool toys thrown in for free. Lots on eBay are the lazy seller’s way of getting rid of a bunch of stuff quickly, but you’ll almost always realise more cash if you sell things seperately. Besides, even Ian Usher doesn’t want Ian Usher’s life, so why would any sane buyer want to buy it?

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  1. When you bid on property on eBay you are only offering an “expression of interest” it’s not legally binding, he could of course worded it differently but I doubt he has any legal obligation to sell.

    What ever happened to Estate Agents or B&M Auction Houses?

  2. Hi,
    Saw this also on the BBC. So his life’s worth £200k…..Well having been to Perth WA, it’s a great place, so it’s quite cheap.

    With over 1/2 mil hits, that ended in only 17 bidders, I suppose it’s something we could all do……….I’m not the one, but any chance of a ‘second chance offer’..!!!!!…Oh and does he accept paypal, just in case it’s not ‘as described’………



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