All my life's been auction-wrecked

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The Australian man selling his entire life on eBay has after being auction-wrecked.

44 year old Ian Usher is selling literally everything after a split with his wife. His house, car, job, motorcycle, jetski and ‘lifestyle’ are all up for sale; he will walk awaywith only the clothes he’s wearing, his wallet and passport, and intends to create a new life with the proceeds of his auction.

Usher’s auction was one of the best pre-publicised I’ve ever seen, so it’s unsurprising that bidding got off to a brisk start. It’s also perhaps inevitable that some less than genuine bidders took an interest in such a high-profile auction. Bids of up to AU$1.85million were cancelled, and the high bid is back down to just AU$390,500, which Usher told reporters is “not even 75% of the value of the house”.

There are three days left to go on the auction which now has pre-approved bidding only.

4 Responses

  1. These things always turn into a loonie magnet

    he will be lucky to get a genuine result.



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