eBay cuts price of Live tickets

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eBay have just cut a sixth off the price of tickets for this month’s event in Chicago. From 1st June, tickets were due to be on sale at their full price of $120 (about £60), but have instead remained at the lower price offered for early bookings.

With eBay promising that John Donahoe will “share his vision for eBay’s future”, and disgruntled eBay users promising equally that they will protest the decisions he’s already taken, this year’s event promises to be extremely interesting.

8 Responses

  1. 🙁 Missing it 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Is planning family holiday around Florida 2010, we should hire a giant villa for ebay UK 😀 😀 😀

  2. anywhere else but florida, its worse than blackpool,

    I like Ca or anywhere on the Pacific rim

  3. don’t recall ebay ever reducing prices for Live (or anything else for that matter), but you are correct, it should really be an interested time this year.

  4. Yes, I think there will be an eBay UK in 2010, the reason being that things just can’t go on the way they are. As big as ebay is, and the UK is one of the biggest ebay markets, they must make moves to stop that happening.

    It’s OK to be in a boardroom brainstorming about how they think ebay should be, and plans/changes for the future, they may be ebay sellers (and point at shoes they buy) but ‘the ebay big cheese’ don’t sell on the scale of those who make a living on it and also, decisions that start in the US may not be suitable for the UK ebay market/culture.

    The problems that arise HAVE to be tackled as an afterthought (‘Oh I didn’t think of that’ so to speak) but that doesn’t help the Dolphins though does it!

    Heads may roll.





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