eBay UK testing shops in search?

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over the next few weeks we’ll be testing how buyers react to different displays of Shops items on eBay UK search results pages. These tests are part of our continual efforts to optimise of how we display items to buyers on eBay.co.uk. The testing will affect a minority of buyers; sellers aren’t required to do anything different or new.

If anyone spots the new search display please let us know what’s being done, or better still grab us a screen shot.

5 Responses

  1. Do we know if the number of core listings on Ebay.co.uk are down?

    That would seem a logical reason for Shop Inventory to be throw back into the mix, if that was the case.


  2. I think it has reached the point where Ebay need shop sales,

    before shop sellers were viewed as just an add on, now Ebay need them for their bottom line,

    at the moment shop owners are being treated very badly in terms of the amount of exposure items get

  3. also I imagine Ebay have been disappointed by the reaction to the reduced insertion fees, i.e. when they reduced them earlier this year I reckon they felt lots more would be listed in core, in reality we still find it too expensive to list an item for 10 days for a cost of £1.45 a throw,

    our best sales are during the CLD”s when there is genuinely no risk, i.e. the last CLD was 5p insertion fees, we sent out all of our stock to core and had one of our best weeks ever and Ebay benefited as well with FVF’s and Paypal also took a lot more from us,

    Ebay either have to slash insertion fees or give shops a huge increase in exposure otherwise nothing will change

  4. My guess on the reasoning is that they’re so confident in best match search that they’re pulling shops’ items in on the grounds that they can no longer overwhelm the search results, but may actually enhance them by adding extra product range.

  5. I have screenshots here of the old search and the new search regarding shop items being shown.

    Not good at all I’m afraid to say, they don’t show at all and you have to click an awful lot to find them :0|

    If Sue would like to contact me on this email address registered then I’ll be happy to pass them on



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