eBay.ebay? Yes, says ICANN

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A major shakeup in the way that domain names are created has been approved by the organisation which oversees the system of web addresses. ICANN today approved a new way of creating domain names, which will see traditional suffixes like .com, .net and .co.uk joined by others such as .bank, .bet, .school, .shopping or .hotel.

As well as these generic TLDs, the owners of existing trademarks are expected to buy their own names: .ebay is expected to be just one such example. Cities such as New York and Berlin are said to be pursuing .nyc and .berlin. It will also be possible to create full domain names in alphabets other than our own Roman one.

However, if you’re planning to buy your own name as a vanity project – and I have to say, .sue has a certain ring to it; just think of all the lawyers I could sell it to – you might need to think again: the new domain names will cost at least $100,000.

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  1. But at $50,000 a pop to the long line of lawyers, could be a nice little earner 😉



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