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Here’s an interesting little snippet from this morning’s eBid newsletter:

With a large influx of new users joining us from other auction sites, we have been asked many times for a way to import auctions from these sites. This is something we have decided to follow up and will soon have the facility ready for use.

Like many eBay sellers, my own objection to trying some eBid listings has mainly been the time I would have to put in to list on another auction site; while I’m unconvinced the sales will justify the effort, I simply haven’t bothered. Offering an easy import tool would undoubtedly encourage me and many others to try some eBid listings, so we’ll be interested to have a look at this when it launches.

eBid also say that May 2008 was “our busiest month ever in terms of sales made by our sellers”. I’m really happy to see them talking about sales made, rather than items listed. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues.

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  1. no two ways about it
    if I were a buyer I would only use ebid if it were cheap.

    otherwise I would use ebay where I knew my money was safe as ebay could reasonably make it

  2. I shelled out the £50 lifetime seller account and whacked a few buy now listings up on Ebid this morning as a tester. I write all my Ebay auctions in a notepad in raw HTML and it was a piece of piddle just to copy and paste the HTML with very few amendments (basically just removing Ebay linke to my ‘ME’ page and other auctions) into the Ebid listing box.

    Even without that you could just lift the html straight from the Ebay ‘sell a similr item’ page and paste it into the eBid listing box so it should really by no extra hassle at all.

    …just got to see what happens. When I have time I will photo and prepare some normal auctions to test that side of things on eBid. There certainly seem to be a lot of sellers from the Ebay powerseller board saying they are starting to move to eBid. I looked at eBid a few weeks ago and this morning there was almost twice the number of listings in the computing section there were back then so it is definitely growing in popularity……with sellers……for the time being anyway. Time will tell but I must say given a choice of the two I would much rather use eBid as my primary outlet on the basis of how they treat their customers (sellers).

  3. to be honest sellers saying they are going to list on ebid to harm ebay is not really going to do much good

    What i do now is to check ebid first to see if they have what i want, if not go to ebay.
    That way if sales start to get going on ebid more sellers will migrate as they here sales picking up etc.

    I never really had to much to beef about ebay up until now, but it really need some competion to sharpen its game big time now

  4. If they offer a tool to export I will do it, the more people who do the more traffic eBid will get. Might be worth a punt to invest in a lifetime account now rather than wait for them to change the pricing structure, if they get busy they simply won’t have the finance to balance the cost of support staff etc.good luck to them, like Richard said in #3 I only ever buy on eBay now if I cant find the product elsewhere.

  5. I dont care how ebay treat me as long as buyers buy
    and I can keep me neck, out of the noose ebay dangle above me head

  6. Like whirly I would not buy off ebay unless I couldn’t find the product elsewhere, and as for ebid, ebid? as 99% of the customers would say.

  7. I’ve had plenty of stuff on ebid for the last couple of years, not much in the way of sales though. The last one was a non-payer 🙁

    It’s not hard to list though, I just copy and paste the html code from Turbolister.

  8. Tip…

    Handy way to extract descriptions from multiple eBay listings.

    Download to TL then export and choose to save description as seperate files.

  9. I noticed that the seller lifetime for UK sellers is £49.99. However the US, Canada, Australia is $49.99 & Ireland €49.99.

    Rip off Britain again 🙁

  10. They’re really touchy on the Ebid forums. I was told it was a promotion, given the wiki link for promotions & marketing and I was to give them a shout if I was stuck with any long words like ‘and’ or ‘the’



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