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ebay liveSo like the rest of the eBay-blogosphere, today I’m writing a post about how I’m leaving for eBay Live in rather less than 24 hours. I’m getting a little concerned at the number of people who’ve said things like “I’ll miss you”: we’re only going to Chicago, not up the real Big River, and besides, the whole point of Chris’ and my going is so that we can blog it. The blogging will not stop – though the time difference might make it seem a little odd.

If TameBay isn’t enough for you to stay in touch, here are some other ways to keep up to date with what’s happening at Live:

  • point your RSS readers at the eBay Live 2008 Yahoo Pipe I just made, aggregating lots of feeds from bloggers who will be there, including eBay’s official coverage
  • watch the Flickr group which will have photos from Live (assuming I defy tradition and remember to take my camera lead)
  • that Friday’s keynote and Saturday’s town hall will both be webcast

It’ll be almost like you’re there!

PS If anyone knows about the Twitter API and has ten minutes for me sometime today, I will shower you with gratitude and eBay swag/French chocolate…

8 Responses

  1. Hello Sue
    Just got into Chicago from London for eBay Live……. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Taking a quick power nap while watching the Sweden v Spain game on the huge flat TV in our room before hitting the town again this afternoon…….Weather is glorious’ by the way.
    Have a enjoyable flight…..Simon & Carol

  2. Hello sue

    from sunny Scotland
    we wont be going to ebay live again this year
    we just cant afford it we are poor up north
    and we may just get to watch the Tv if we can peddle the generator long enough

  3. Hello Chris
    Yes that sounds fun, are you going to the meet and greet at the Hyatt?
    If so we shall no doubt see you there.
    Simon & Carol


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