Let's *not* talk about communicating

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At least, not if we’re going to make outbound CS calls like this:

Nicked from Randy.

9 Responses

  1. oh dear…that was dreadful.

    That poor girl should pick up a copy of hooked on phonics…

  2. Yes, one rule for the performance of sellers and another for ebay.

    It is complete irony that she is talking, sorry babbling incoherently about sellers having reduced visibility due to poor performance, whilst she struggles to even read from a script.

  3. Assuming that this was her first, then at least she tried.

    How many are coward enough even to give it a try!

    Now what if she improves and performs more testing until she achieves near perfection?

  4. Sue Bailey

    Perhaps you should not let yourself loose on readers eyeballs until you can spell the word. :):)

    “loose” is the correct spelling not “lose”.


  5. Good to see you have a sense of humour Sue !!!

    When I saw your posting I could not resist having a bit of a dig !!!

    One possible reason they put this lass on the phone may be economic considerations, ie time is money.

    I do research surveys over the phone and the company I work for gives workers a briefing and then it is on to the phone.

    It often takes quite a few attempts to get my tongue around something. Surveys I conduct are not necessarily always well written and I often have to improvise.

    By the end of the day though, Im generally an expert.

    If the Ebay gal had to read her script for a few hours on the trot, she would improve considerably.


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