Open thread: what do you want from JD?

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On Friday morning John Donahoe will be giving his first Live keynote speech as President of eBay. There’s been some speculation about what he might say, though frankly, many sellers are hoping there’s nothing else left to come.

So for a bit of fun while Chris and I are on the plane, two questions for you:

  1. What do you think JD will have to say on Friday?
  2. What would you like him to say on Friday?

28 Responses

  1. My thread, so I get first go:
    ~ I’m expecting him to announce that SIF is no more, and it’s being replaced with a new 30 day BIN format, which is visible in search.
    ~ I’d *like* him to announce that every eBay site is to get a shopping cart.

  2. Any chance he’ll announce Richard Ambrose has been replaced with someone competent? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The truth as to their planned business stategy. As it is,tens of thousands have been left hanging in the wind,subject to the vagaries of the ever changing Ebay dictat. It has fatally wounded many sellers.and given the Ebay brand an uncomfortable brusing.
    All we have now is rumours of ‘strip malls’ and despised ‘flea market’ sellers. All rumour and speculation which is good for no one,especially Ebay
    The truth?
    I’ve just seem some Flying Pigs.

  4. To number 1, he’ll say whatever he likes.

    To number 2, I would like him to say,

    “I resign…”

  5. no problems here at all
    though it would be nice if ebay were a little less harsh with the seller performance thing

  6. 2 things he will say :-

    1. “the vast majority are happy with the changes”

    2. “there are lots more changes coming”

  7. After his speech,

    I expect him to say;

    1. “Thank you for listening, under your seats is a feedback card, could you please rate my speech on the following four points;”

    Have I explained myself properly?

    Do you feel I used a two way system to allow you to respond to my points of view?

    Did I deliver my speech in a timely manner?

    Was my speech value for money?

    Please leave Positive, Neutral, or Negative comments as you should choose.

    I would like to hope you felt I gave a 5* service.

    I would like him to say;

    2. “Thank you for listening, under your seats is a feedback card, could you please rate my speech on the following four points.

    However before you do, please be aware that should you think I was ‘OK’ and rated as a Neutral my Boss will actually think I didn’t do my job and will dock my pay because of this, plus I will be restricted in being able to use my company car for 30 days, which in turn will affect how I can conduct myself and improve.

    Additionally although the feedback card has ratings of 1* through 5* and 4*’s appear to be a good mark, my boss feels I should have a extremely high aim and therefore a 4* actually penalises me too, as good isn’t good enough.

    Thank you for your time, please, please, please I beg you be nice…….”

  8. JD will say: All the changes are performing better than expected.
    I want JD to say: Where do I begin,
    to tell the story of how great a site can be?
    The ebay story that is older than the sea.
    The simple truth about the cash it brings to me.
    Where do I start?

  9. There is only one JD, you serve it with ice.

    An hour or 2 listening to a load of corporate waffle to keep the shareholders on board is not my idea of fun, I’d prefer a Blankety Blank Cheque book and pen.

  10. What he will say: as per Larrylackpants.

    What I would like him to say: Tonight, Matthew I’m going to be Tina Turner ๐Ÿ˜

  11. I think hes going to say “Everybody loves all the changes we’re making and I don’t care what anybody says”

    I’d like him to say ” As of tomorrow I’ll be standing down”

  12. I think he will have nothing but garbage to say.

    I would like him to say, that he is stepping down as CEO!

  13. 1.) I think he is going to tell us all that these new policy changes are for the good of all sellers and buyers. He won’t explain the math they use to determine DSR ratings. (like why 4.8 out of 5 is considered average) He will do his usual George Orwell double talk.

    2.) I’d like to hear him say that they are going to adjust these changes to be more fair toward sellers. I would like him to very specifically lay out how they are going to protect their sellers. I would like him to be so detailed about that as to say things like whether or not they will take feedback extortion emails seriously outside of the ebay message system for example

  14. Having gone through many ebay changes and adpated too and even grown to appreciate some of them… Just a couple… OK one… actually come to think of it?

    1. JD will say ‘ I know I am right and time will prove it’
    2. I would like him to say’ OK I was wrong, I’ll turn the clock back and re-instate all the wrongly censured sellers and de-stress the rest at a luxury spa (Hitherto unknown) at the top of eBay Ivory Towers’.

    Later I will be waking up and smelling the coffee!

  15. 1. That noise i spoke of earlier has now turned into a loud buzz, must be that darn battery i bought from “Buy” for my hearing aid.

    A new site feature will be implemented shortly. We will now be combining Paypal along with our eBay Invoice System. All fees will be automatically collected at the end of Auctions, BIN’s & Fixed Store Items. This feature will make it easier for our sellers and give the buyers another much needed protection tool. This system will also work seamlessly with our previously mandatory shipping cost announcement.
    Invoices will automatically be sent by eBay at the finish of each sale “BY eBay”
    This means Paypal will now be a requirement for all sellers in the U.S.
    We value our community! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. We have decided to turn back the clock on the eBay site along with some major improvements.
    No more listing fees, FVF’s will be set at 2.5%, Paypal will be a free $$$ option for all sellers & will not be mandatory, feedback will be abolished and replaced with DSR’s & DBR’s along with a full explanation for both the seller & buyer, Best Match will be taken off the eBay site as it does not appear to be working towards the benefit of our much appreciated sellers.
    Welcome to the “New eBay”
    We Value Our Community!
    ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  16. hello friends , I am wondering if someone else received the message (please below) from the UK powerseller support.It looks like a standard message which was not sent to us personally as it does not even contain our name.


    We’d like to let you know about some selling limits that may affect your

    To protect our users from fraud, we may place restrictions on sellers
    listing items such as certain luxury goods. These could include limiting
    the number of items a seller may list, asking the seller to confirm
    their identity through PayPal, or blocking 1- or 3-day listings.

    If you inadvertently try to list a restricted item, you’ll receive a
    message to let you know why you can’t list it and what to do.

    Why are we doing this?

    Our top priority is keeping our users safe and happy – so we’ll always
    do our best to protect you from fraud while using our site. We’re also
    committed to fighting counterfeits. They are illegal and buying a
    counterfeit item is a bad consumer experience. Bad experiences undermine
    buyers’ trust in the eBay marketplace and ultimately hurt all sellers.

    Again, you may not be affected by these limits, but we wanted to let you
    know about them. Please don’t reply to this email as we won’t be able to
    respond. If you have any questions or require assistance, you can
    contact us from any eBay Help page.


    eBay PowerSeller Team”

  17. What he will say (won’t in so many words);

    Our ebay sellers are our ‘ cash cows’ and they will, I DEMAND that they will keep selling on ebay…….No point in you all complaining about ‘our’ choosen changes…get used to it…

    What he should say;

    Now we have screwed you all up, just keep given us the money to pay our shareholders (and of course my bonuses)…

    We need the money, so as from today (no advance warnings here) in this brand new ebay world, we don’t want anything of no or low value. We aim to be the biggest, best & most exclusive, therefore……………………………………the minmum listing price is now $1000 US or in our failing UK arm……………1/2p UK currency….Oh and by the way, listing fees are going up, all the way up to a minimum of $100 US per item (UK ร‚ยฃ50) so we at ebay can all have a large bonus and our shareholders get one too.

    Thank you for coming to Ebay live, now go out there my Disciples and gis us your money.

  18. Mandy – I assume this message you received was not in reply to one you sent to ebay, in any case I would check your ebay messages inbox as any message from ebay is in there also Ebay use your name when they write to you.

  19. chris – I’m expecting partnership announcements such as Microsoft Live Search give cashback to eBay buyers

    Me to, saw some interest info on this a few days ago, so I imagine its going to happen on dotcom pretty soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Im hoping for him to say ….. oops we have dropped a clanger….. we will be changing a few things back to how they were, and we will be advertising ebay at times other than xmas on TV

  20. I think he will say ” go eat cake” What I wish he would say . ” wow ,you guys have all been punked”

  21. Kiss – I have checked the ebay messages in “my ebay” and this message does not appear there , does it mean it was not from ebay?

  22. 1. “List more and we will reward you.” The mandate is for eBay to increase listings on the site.

    2. “Jamie, we want you back, name your price!”

  23. Jamie,

    Never go back. Never go back. ;o)

    To answer the question: I’d like to get a sense of the man JD is. I don’t yet have a hold on him, his philosophy, his heartfelt ambitions for eBay.

  24. What we might hear?

    Here are just a couple of positive things I think we might just hear…

    1) Even lower or FREE listing fees
    2) A blended discount FVF for Paypal ONLY auctions
    3) Mechanisms to accommodate the color/size selections being offered in auctions
    4) A revamp of eBay stores platform/services
    5) A new seller verification process

    What I would like to hear?

    An apology for messing up some smaller sellers with the changes to feedback recently.


  25. #23 Mandy, yes it’s most likely a spoof. If you still have it forward it to [email protected] and they will mail you back to confirm it and they will be aware of it. Obviously don’t click on any links in the original mail!


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