The iPhone gets eBay enabled

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I’ve largely ignored the iPhone, not particularly because of the price but more because it was tied to O2. That’s just changed with the announcement of an iPhone eBay auctions app at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

What’s even better news are the rumours that Apple are to offer the iPhone with Vodafone, T-Mobile and the Carphone Warehouse in Europe. Although this might not include the UK doubtless some Vodafone ready units will slip into the UK and I won’t need to change my mobile provider. The release of a new 3G model iPhone should be launched in the near future with O2 already offering free upgrades to some existing customers or just £99.00 to those on cheaper contracts.

Unlike other mobile experiences the iPhone screen and functionality allows a much richer eBay experience, this is one toy I just *have* to have and it now qualifies as an eBay business tool.

You can view the eBay iPhone software in your normal browser to give it a test run without an iPhone. The eBay software will available for free when Apple launch the App Store, expected to be some time this summer.

4 Responses

  1. Can’t wait, just registered my interest at the carphone warehouse. Hopefully this will solve my Spanish problems in August.

  2. First you can get the iphone on any network if you are willing to pay the price

    o2 are the UK only seller of the iphone and it wont appear on any network for a few years – So the rumours are really untrue as Apple have already confirmed the UK partner.

    The tool that has been mentioned is a buyer tool with a seller function too. You can get far better ebay monitoring tools for the MAC or PC without the added cost of an iphone

    I have a iphone and use it as business tool now, email, phone calls web browsing, but a little ebay tool that was mainly demonstrated for bidding would not take this towards a business tool

  3. You can get the iPhone on any network, but not a GPRS version fully functioning one. If I can get a Vodaphone GRPS enabled one from Europe that’s better than an EDGE iPhone.

    Point taken on the useability though 🙂

  4. I have to disagree

    I have got a current iphone 8GB and I also sold them up until they ran out of stock and I have got mine running on T-Mobile, I have also tested on – Vodfone, Three, Orange, Virgin and of course o2

    All the functions work correctly including EDGE


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