50% off discount code for Parcel2go courier deliveries

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Parcel2go are offering half price courier deliveries for the next week.

Their normal charge is £7.99 plus VAT for a 1-2 day standard UK delivery but with the coupon code HALFSD2 inserted on the Order Summary page during the booking process you’ll get 50% off that price. The promotion runs up until the 31st July 2008.

Parcel2go offer FedEx services along with DHL, City Link, UPS, Home Delivery Network, and Royal Mail. There’s no need for a courier contract, you can simply book a delivery when you need it and even pay with PayPal.

If you’ve got orders to send this week, that will cost you more than £4 to ship, then try Parcel2go and take advantage of the discount.

7 Responses

  1. I already know all about this offer thanks.

    Parcel2go were kind enough to spam me with it, despite me never having shown any interest in their second class parcel service, or having ever used them.

    Unfortunately for me I once bought something off a seller on ebay who was daft enough to use them, and they gave parcel2go my email address. That supplier has lost any future business, as has parcel2go.

    As i understand, it they use the non-guaranteed DHL@home service to send the parcels, which basically means they don’t go out by the real DHL couriers, but sit around the depot for a while until a subcontractor (usually a housewife fitting it in between school runs, or an illegal immigrant) picks it up. It then sits in their car for a few days until they happen to drive past your place and bother sticking it behind the wheely bin.


    Make up your own mind, but the above reviews are not good.

  2. #2: reputable companies don’t subscribe you without permission, the number of links in the email is irrelevant.

  3. Its also a common ploy of spamers to include ‘unsubscribe’ links which when followed merely confirm that your email address is valid and seen by a human, resulting in more spam, not that I am suggesting that this is what parcel2go are doing of course.

  4. we used them a couple of years ago , they had big problems, though they may have improved, we are not going to take the chance again ,
    we would rather pay double and get a reliable service especially now that DSRs are so important

  5. if reputable companies didnt spam you in the first place then you wouldnt have to go through the trouble of unsubscibing.
    If its double glazing though I always respond and then let them work hard to persuade me into an appointment.
    They never bother to ask the most obvious question before turning up to find newly installed double glazing. Spookily, this seems to stem the flow of spam emails and phone calls. Far more effective than unsubscribing.

  6. I buy a lot of merch online in the U.S. and use a company called Bongo International to ship to me in the UK
    Have had great success with them. Informative website, online chat, and free consolidation of my items into one package.


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