Arrested for trying to sell vote on eBay

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A University of Minneapolis student has been charged with a felony after attempting to sell his presidential election vote on eBay. The 19 year old claimed it was all a joke, but a spokesman for the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office told reporters “We take it very seriously. Fundamentally, we believe it is wrong to sell your vote. There are people that have died for this country for our right to vote.” If convicted, the teenager faces up to five years’ imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

The vote was listed with an opening bid of $10, but failed to attract even a single bidder. The listing has subsequently been pulled by eBay.

10 Responses

  1. quite right too and I can think of a dozen further reasons to prosecute

    its not right to trivialise such an important privledge
    litraly who runs the USA means life or death to many

  2. Apparently he is up on fraud charges too, $5 for something that everyone knows isnt worth a nickel!!!


  3. Oh, North, I completely agree too. It reminds me of two little old ladies (mother and daughter) we lived next door to when I was little. The mother’s mother had been a suffragette, and they were absolutely passionate about getting people to vote: they were the only militant lib dems I’ve ever met 😆

  4. most of the silly sods in parliment are there because someone did not vote,

    recent comment by one Labour Select commitee member
    we can do little about fuel prices its because of the global situation, yet at least 70pin every £1 spent on fuel goes to the Government

  5. What the Committee Member meant was:

    “We couldn’t possibly reduce taxation on fuel because we need the money, and the higher the price gets, the more we get and that’s handy cos otherwise we’d have a terrible hole in the national finances. If we blame the high price of crude (gosh isn’t it expensive!) people won’t look too hard. Hopefully.”

  6. Ironic that most of the US House of Representatives and US Senate cheerfully sell their votes to powerfully lobby groups on a daily basis.

  7. This attempt to sell his vote shows how little regard young people have for democracy and the right to vote. Perhaps if they lived in a country where citizens don’t have the right to vote, they might have a clue … Maybe. These bloggers are quick with their trite little quips, while having no understanding of the blood, sweat and tears it took to achieve and maintain free and incorrupt elections. What a bunch of stupid, naive children. I say lock them up and make an example of them!

  8. its not about fighting for freedom , most folk that have fought in wars had little or no choice, what they fought for ,they were ordered too, and controled by politicians, their only influence on them ,was their Vote
    thats what makes everyones vote so important



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