Best match "Item Location" factor enabled on eBay Canada

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eBay Canada have revealed that some new technology has been added into .

Up until now Best Match has promoted items listed on eBay Canada which means items listed by Canadian sellers on other sites were disadvantaged in comparison. eBay have added in the ability to give higher priority in search for all items listed by Canadian sellers regardless of which site they are listed on.

Best Match will continue to take other factors into account such as price, shipping cost, DSRs and listing ending time. Higher priority will be given to domestic items in search on eBay Canada, but now that will include items listed by Canadian sellers on other eBay sites.

Best Match is still undergoing testing, and eBay Canada will be adding in the Item Location criteria which should see Canadian sellers listing overseas get greater visibility. This is one to watch on all eBay sites in the future if you list on eBay sites other than your home site.

3 Responses

  1. Anyone (like me) who’s basing part of their business on listing on a site that isn’t their national one needs to make contingency plans for this right now. It looks to me like it will strongly encourage sellers back to the bad old days of location misrepresentation. eBay Canada understandably always seem a bit protectionistic, so we can but hope that the rest of us have a bit longer to sell where the money is.

  2. Does that mean that those of us who are paying extra to have our items listed internationally are now being short changed ?

  3. This is not good.

    We are in the UK, listing on .com and get 0 visibility on the UK site.

    Best match is working for us at the moment, but this would not do us any favours if .com adopted this.

    I am glad we are working on our website, at any time, Ebay could just blank our listings on .com and the only thing to tell us would be a drop off in sales overnight.

    This would also be negative for UK sellers who are paying the “extra” to be seen on .com.

    This may just be a local thing though, as Canadian sellers really do find it tough, with their expensive postage etc (so I have heard), let us hope so anyway 🙂




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