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A buyer contacted me today expressing a wish to change the feedback that they’d left for me:

Hi, I received the item and everything is absolutely fine and think that you provided an excellent service. Unfortunately I accidentally left you 4 stars in one of the items in the feedback, must have mis clicked or something. I have looked but am unable to find a way to change the feedback.

eBay have promised to make buyer feedback editable in limited circumstances at some point in the future. This shows that it needs to be sooner rather than later and must include the comment and DSR score as well as pos/neut/neg.

Realistically if the buyer hadn’t contacted me I’d never have known he’d left me a 4 instead of a 5, but this buyer was so uncomfortable with their mistake that they’ve taken the time to inform me.

If buyers are this uncomfortable that they can’t correct a feedback mistake then that alone is reason for eBay to enable editable feedback now, rather than later in the year.

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  1. I wish eBay would just leave feedback alone.

    If you are able to edit up will you also be able to edit down?

    One buyer sending a message doesn’t in my mind constitute an overwhelming call by buyers for a change.

  2. The whole DSR dashboard is a PITA, if 100 people marked you as good (4) eBay would say you were a bad seller and put red bars all over your dashboard, what thought process went into devising such a system ?

    I am with #1 on this.

  3. for gawds sake
    buyers this ,buyers that, buyers the other,
    DSRs, Feedback ,Item not as described, etc etc etc its starting to get me paranoid

    I wish buyers would get real,
    if its not what they want just send the effa back and shut their face

  4. I see nothing at all wrong with feedback being editable – perhaps within a time slot, as on here?

    Everyone can make mistakes – we must all have had buyers leaving feedback for the wrong person, for things that haven’t been despatched yet, etc etc etc.

    We’re only human after all…

  5. I dont think they should be able to say anything
    just positive neutral or negative or DSRs
    most of them talk tripe anyhow , I would be in the Vatican if only half my feedback comments were true ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I too am with #1 on this.

    Leave it along, but do re-classify the grading and wording.

    It’s no good having a 4* as ‘good’, but eBay seeing it as bad!

    I bid, I buy, I pay, I receive. That to me is good service and in those instances I would mark everyone a 4*.

    However being a seller myself and knowing the system I mark everyone a 5*, because why should a seller that has done nothing wrong be marked down.

    All eBay have to do is move the 4.6 marker down to 3.6. or 4.

  7. It is just another mover by ebay to get out of seller discounts. You can be absolutely sure that there will be more people downgrading feedback. If they’ve bought it, received it and given a view at the time, then that is their view.

    This will lead to afterthought, such as, “it is not really what I thought it was or I see it is cheaper now”. Followed by, “I’d like a refund (6 weeks later), there is a mark/damage I didn’t notice (I’ve just snapped a bit off) earlier”.

    If you think about it and it is a well knwon fact, people are far more likely to complain than convey/write a letter of thanks. So there will be far more people thinking about downgrading feedback/DSR at a later date that has no relevance to the original transaction.

  8. I thought the headline suggested that buyers wanted edible feedback. And that didn’t sound like a very good idea at all.

  9. I’m with #1 on this as well.

    One buyer sending you a message Chris is 0.0000001% of ebay UK registered users. That’s not a call by buyers to have feedback be editable and I don’t think it’s a good idea anyway.

    Everyone who thinks it is should remember this when it all hits the fan when this updated feedback policy is introduced. If you think feedback extortion is a problem now just wait…

  10. Personally I think the eBay feedback is far to involved and complicated for the buyer, a straight forward happy with transaction= Positive or not = negative would be far better.

    As for editable feedback, I am not sure what that will entail but do buyers really want even more hassle, buyers want to buy and receive there order end of story.

  11. Just dump the whole feedback thing and ALL the changes, for that matter.

    There was nothing wrong with it to begin with!


  12. I am sick to death of ebay’s constant meddling and tinkering with EVERYTHING on ebay…from feedback to paypal policies, from listing numbers to their dealings with forcing buyers to send their counterfeit items to resaler “Liquidity Services”, from deceitful price increases to suspending members for posting truths on their discussion boards, and so on.

    At this point, I don’t believe a single thing that Donahoe and his cronies say and I believe their quarterly reports even less.

    It really doesn’t matter what they claim to promise anymore, they’ll just exchange those policies for even worse ones in short fasion, regardless.

    If they change the feedback, yet again, to allow for changeable feedback, don’t get too comfortable with it. You can count on a worse change to follow.

  13. People who offer free postage don’t get a perfect 5.0 for p&p costs, so clearly there is something wrong with the scoring system

  14. Buyers do make mistakes in feedback. For the first few months of my website being up about half the questions I got were from buyers wanting to change or retract feedback they left on eBay. However I think editable feedback is a huge mistake. I do think it would be fair to make it editable during a very small time window, like the comments on this site. I really hope eBay doesn’t go through with this change but I know they will.

    That being said to keep things balanced it looks like my site will have to follow suit when that day comes.

  15. Well I dont think it is a good idea, it works both ways.
    A New Zealand site has this and you can edit it once only but the whole thing is people have a item for 30 days and then can change to a negative so it can be a bad thing.
    What they use something for a month or wear something or wash it wrong and can change the rating to a red dot.”

    Not good

  16. #17 yes I think that is far too long. I think any mistake should be able to be noticed within 12 hours don’t you?

    edited: or three minutes like here ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I think ebay should just stop messing about. pussy footing around
    and introduce public execution

  18. There are two issues with changing feedback: correcting mistakes, as per Chris’s buyer, and genuine changes of mind. I honestly don’t see why buyers (and sellers) shouldn’t have a few minutes to correct spelling mistakes or mis-clicks: this can’t hurt anyone and it’s hardly difficult functionality to add (I’ll put them in touch with the lovely Ron who wrote the edit-comments plugin we use here if they like!).

    There’s more of a question mark over longer-term changes. Personally, I believe that a buyer who has left a neg and then been made happy by the seller should have the opportunity to change that neg. I know that a lot of people argue that it would open us all up to blackmail, but if that were going to happen, it would be happening already: buyers *don’t*, by and large, tell sellers “gimme a freebie or I’m going to neg you”, and editable feedback wouldn’t change that.

  19. #20

    “buyers *don’t*, by and large, tell sellers “gimme a freebie or I’m going to neg you”

    They didn’t but they do now. They don’t ask for freebies but they do want discounts, postage refunded and a generally rude attitude, if you don’t do what I say I’m going to neg you.

    Whether leave leave a neg or a pos an whatever DSRs, then that is what they thought and that should be their feedback. Sure, if they want a 30 minute edit option just so they can correct spelling etc fine, but that won’t be what ebay give them. They’ll give 30/60 days and that will end up being an extention to their distance selling rights, “if you don’t give me a refund, then I’ll change my feedback”.

    Oh and please don’t anybody mention the crime of feedback extortion, because most people can put it subtly in their reply, so you know exactly what they mean, but nothing directly said.

  20. we have a number of little niggles, returns etc on the boil
    all apart from one, are reasonable , well mannered and non threatening

    I think mainly because we are polite well mannere d and non threatening
    but we call them worse than doo
    to ourselves ๐Ÿ˜†

  21. ๐Ÿ˜ก Here is a new one.I use to accept checks on items without worry.When i received the check I sent out the purchase.Never had a problem and this was done on many deals.Now there is no negative feedback for the new breed of scamers and I am here looking at 3 bounced checks from people ๐Ÿ˜ˆ I cant warn other sellers about.What recourse do I have? Travel 2000 miles and file a claim in small claims court in their jurisdiction for 100.00??. :mrgreen: Sellers beware if anyone is as trustworthy as I was your going to get burnt.Clear any checks first.Buyers that like to use checks are also going to suffer waiting an extra 2 weeks for the seller to ship their item and there going to leave bad feedback for slow shipping.Its a lose lose situation.Maybe I will list these checks for sale?? Anyone want to buy one cheap? Nice designs,good quality paper,will last a lifetime. ๐Ÿ˜†


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