eBay Australia backs down on PayPal


eBay Australia have by sellers on the site, though offering PayPal will remain compulsory:

eBay will continue to allow all existing payment methods on eBay.com.au. We have decided to withdraw the notification to stop any further confusion and disruption among the eBay Community. … eBay requires all sellers to offer PayPal as a payment choice on eBay.com.au along with other permitted payment methods of their choosing.

eBay have strenuously denied any plans to make eBay.com PayPal-only; it remains to be seen whether compulsory PayPal will be tried in other markets than Australia and the UK.

4 Responses

  1. along with other permitted payment methods of their choosing.

    No mention of “subject to our accepted payments policy”. Could open the door for some of the more cantankerous oz members to start listing with all sorts of bizarre payment options. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. *permitted* methods, Steve: they should have linked the accepted payments policy for clarity, but I don’t think we’ll see them allowing Google Checkout any time soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. The *PayPal-required-as-a-payment-option/method* was part of eBay’s original (now withdrawn) notification (see # (1) below).

    So if eBay withdraws the notification, it ALSO has to withdraw the requirement that all listings on eBay.com.au must offer PayPal. This has not yet been actioned so several interested parties are now petitioning the ACCC to levy fines on eBay for engaging in what is now “unlawful” action. Such fines to be backdated to the actionable date of 21 May 2008. Should be interesting to see eBay’s reaction.

    Here’s the relevant part of eBay’s notification, on page 9:

    2.5 Specifically, under the Project it is proposed that:

    (1) effective on and from 21 May 2008, eBay will amend its User Agreement and
    alter the functionality of the eBay Site such that all sellers (including both new and existing sellers) will be required to offer PayPal as one of their accepted payment methods; and

    (2) effective on and from 17 June 2008, eBay will amend its User Agreement and alter the functionality of the eBay Site such that eBay will supply the services on the eBay Site to users on the following conditions:

    ((I) and (2) together, the “Conduct”

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