Google to protect users from eBay & PayPal spoofs

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eBay and PayPal have announced today that Google is working to eliminate spoof emails and protect Gmail users from eBay and PayPal phishing. Google are to implement Domain Keys authentication and will reject any email purporting to be from eBay or PayPal and delete it before it even arrives in Gmail users’ inboxes.

Yahoo! were the first to implement Domain Key checking for eBay and PayPal emails back in October last year, and Gmail will join Yahoo! Mail as one of the first to protect their users from phishing.

Michael Barrett, PayPal’s Chief Information Security Officer spoke of Google’s desicion calling it “a significant step forward in our fight to keep consumers safe from phishing and cybercrime”. For me as a seller it’s great news to know that millions more unsuspecting buyers will have their accounts protected. Safe happy buyers spend more, and that’s what eBay is all about.

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    1. Just another smokescreen to cover up the paypal counterfeit ring!



      OK, tell me if this is all, just a coincidence.

      The 2 girls, on these 2 message board threads:


      Received fake/knock off items, bought from Ebay. Both were told to send the items to the following address, where they would be ”destroyed”.

      Paypal Returns
      12750 Perimeter Drive Suite 154
      Dallas TX 75228

      One girl asked, since it was being destroyed, could they write ”FAKE” all over it, just so that it was never resold. They were told ”NO”, that it MUST be in the same condition, as it came.

      One of the girls happened to look up the address and realized that it belonged to a company named, Liquidity Services Inc.
      Liquidity Services inc., is a business surplus reseller. Is ebay giving these buyers a refund, from the sellers account and then taking over ownership of the item and reselling it, for profit, when it is supposed to be destroyed? The website that this company resells from is called

      This is an email, that one girl got from Paypal, when she filed her claim:


      A refund on this transaction will be awarded to you once the item, in its original condition, is shipped to the following address:

      PayPal Returns

      12750 Perimeter Dr Suite 154

      Dallas, TX 75228

      Attn: Buyer Protection Claims – #PP-************

      Make sure to include your case number in the address above.

      NOW I’M IN THAT PURSE BLOG AND THIS IS WHAT I POSTED (A question about her email):

      Dragonlady, where it says

      “Attn: Buyer Protection Claims – #PP-************”

      How many numbers, is that PP#? (this will be brought up, farther down)

      I was doing a little investigting last night. I went to and was just looking around. I did a blank search and chose the Dallas, TX location, since this is where Paypal is telling people to ship. I also chose ”returns”, for the item condition, to only bring up the returned items.

      I noticed several sellers, that sell a LOT of stuff there, so….

      On a whim, I decided to see if any of those names, matched up with ebay ID’s and this is what I found. Seller (Onlinereturns), There just happens to be an ebay seller named ”Onlinereturns”. Lets check their feedback, on

      Ok, that must just be a coincidence, this guy is selling FAKE stuff and is now naru’d (Not a registered user).

      NEXT: Seller (Techexcess) Wow, there is an ebay member, with the same name, as well. Let’s check their feedback:

      Must be another coincidence, that this person is selling all kinds of used/broken junk! (Ebay returns?) Seller (ReturnsManager) Out of a feedback score of 18, 10 of them were negs/neuts and they are now naru’d, from ripping people off:

      Are all these, just coincidental? Surely they wouldn’t use the same name on ebay, would they?

      I then typed in Vuitton on the resellers website and chose Dallas as well and came up with this:

      If you click on the 4th title down, it takes you here:

      Click on the ”view manifest” link, next to ”quantity in lot”.

      you will get this:

      Notice to the fair right, under notes…what are these numbers? That per chance could not be the ”PayPal case #” that they were TOLD to include, would it? No way, couldn’t be. They would not be that stupid, would they?

      You can also look at each pic in the auction, by scrolling down and clicking ”view all photos”. I was looking at the pics and noticed a pen that is made by Mont Blanc. Just a little strange, because I remember seeing that name, somewhere…

      OOOOhhhh, it was here, the last negative by the seller ”OnlineReturns”, before he got naru’d…ok, please don’t tell me that this pen, is the same pen and is just circling around and around.:

      I then found an article, where it says this:

      ”Because of its reliability with online resellers, Liquidity Services is ranked as Paypal’s #1 bulk source for inventory”‘

      You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Paypal promotes and sends sellers to Liquidity Services to buy in bulk/lots. The buyers of that junk/fakes, list on ebay. Those sellers are now selling fakes and junk and may not realize it. Paypal refunds the buyer, who purchased the fakes, out of the sellers account. Ebay keeps the sellers listing fees and the final value fees, which is a good amount on the high priced fake designer items. They then have the buyers ship the junk/fakes, BACK to Liquidity Services and then they RESELL it, again in lots, to the next sucker. He then in turn lists it on ebay, who takes the fees AGAIN and the circle just continues.

      This is their actual meaning of ”returns’ on the website: “Returns were sold to a customer, who then either physically brought the item back to a store or mailed it to a specified location. Reasons for returning a product may not have any correlation to its usefulness.”

      Heck, this sellers actual name is ”returnresale” and ALL his items are from DALLAS, TX.

      Funny how they have a bunch of stuff and then throw in a pair of LV boots, guarantee they are fake!

      Another one, where they just throw in a LV product, with other junk:

      This one in barely advertised, just thrown in like the seller has no clue, what it is, making the buyer think they have a steal:

      This seller was found, after I typed all of the above. I did a search for Vuitton and left the location open. A different seller I noticed came up (Designersforless). Once again, just on a whim, I tried ebay, to see if that name had a match. Funny, there is a member named desingersforless on ebay. They last sold something on May 22, 2008, but before that, no sales back til November. Probably because their feedback was starting to look bad, from all the negs. So, 3 days AFTER the new policies came into affect, they must have noticed that their feedback jumped back up, from the new 12 month rule, where all your past history is wiped clean by ebay. Oh, great she says, let me start scamming again. This is the feedback, from what they listed:

      Item purchased was not an authentic RL Polo,bad quality.Seller refuses to refund.
      Reply by designersforless (May-23-08 13:21):
      Buyer unable to provide proof that shirt is not authenitic.

      This seller, has stuff up for sale now…are they all fake? This is a seller to watch and keep and eye on the feedback, to see if there are any more reported ”fakes”. If they sell fake stuff somewhere, they are more than likely going to do it again, somewhere else ( This is what they have sold on and all are ”AS IS”, which means you are STUCK with it:

      Are all these FAKE returns, from ebay? Has anyone been asked to ship items, to a California address, where this person sells from? Found out later that YES, people have sent to CA, another location of Liquitity Services Inc.

      You can see by the following links, that loads of people are getting ripped of by this company (LSI), because all their lots are, AS IS. I guess they decided that ebay, wasn’t working too good and people were noticing the fakes and getting refunds, so they start listing on and then no one can get refunds, because they are ”AS IS”:

      We have now found sellers, who sold authentic items only to be told by the buyer, that it was fake. This one sellers states that the buyer, was an ebay employee????

      We really need to get someone to send something back and have it marked, to see if it comes back on ebay or if it’s listed on, for resale after it was supposed to be destroyed.


      Liquidity Services Inc. and N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, Inc. have a partnership. NEW recovers an increased revenue stream on the resale of returned merchandise through its partnership with Liquidity Services, Inc. (LSI).

      NEW says “Not only does LSI provide us with a quick and easy way for our customers to send in merchandise and receive remittance checks, but the company uses its expertise in the secondary market to resell returned and damaged items for the highest market value.”

      LSI provides the following services (Notice it says nothing about authentification or destruction)

      Pre-paid return mailing label generation and delivery to customer
      Receipt and processing of return packages
      Online resale of merchandise including marketing, inventory lotting, manifest creation, photographing and creation of online auctions on LSI’s marketplace,
      Real-time and transparent reporting throughout entire process
      Once packages arrive at the warehouse, LSI begins a comprehensive process to merchandise and resell the returned inventory
      through its online auction marketplace. The end-to-end management of this process includes:


      Reconciliation of returned items
      Creation of product manifests
      Evaluation and lotting of items into size/categories to generate highest return
      Photographing of items for display on auction site
      Creation and launch of online auction events on LSI’s marketplace,
      Implementation of marketing campaigns to support current auctions
      Assisting with buyer questions, shipping information and logistics, and payment collection
      Complete and transparent tracking information for each item/ lot sold

      See the full page here:


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