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Messages from buyers, entered at checkout, are at last being highlighted in (SMP) with an eBay note. If a note is entered on the PayPal payment it will now appear on the SMP sales record with an eBay note to let sellers know that it’s there.

To ensure that you see the notes, you need to set your preferences by clicking “Customise Display” at the top of the SMP sold items display.

It’s worth noting that the notes are not displaying in My eBay: users who wish to ensure they’re informed of messages from buyers should consider upgrading to SMP which is free with a featured shop, or £4.99 per month as a stand-alone option.

4 Responses

  1. I think it is crazy that the notes aren’t put in by default, so that sellers who don’t read this will actually know they exist…or even better, put something on the News pages.

    How on earth are people supposed to know about new things like this? Where are they being told within eBay?

    It is similar to things when Turbolister has a major update – nothing is announced, no Read Me file to tell me what the update is actually going to do.


  2. #1 Yes just like the dreaded note:

    ‘The item specifics for you item may have changed …….’

    Means a tweak or two but can I spot them? not often.

    More Grrrrrr (ief).

  3. Agree completely with Lynne at #1!

    Yes it’s great that there is now (with a bit of tweaking required) a way to automatically see that there is a message – but what a crazy system in the first place, to let buyers send messages, which aren’t automatically highlighted for sellers!

  4. AW heck! Why doesn’t ebay just kick off ALL sellers except and be done with it! That’s what they apparently want in the end anyway. Forget all this tinkering with this and that, trying to dump sellers a few at a time…just block out all sellers except and convince the buyers that “buy” has everything they want.

    I couldn’t care less what ebay’s new policies will be doing to sellers and FOR buyers, since ebay’s just going to implement more policies to make the current changes even worse in the long run. What difference could any future policy changes make, when ebay now has the history of continuing to change those policies to damage even more ebayers?

    The Global Ebay Boycott Continues!


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