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After the stick, the carrot: PayPal are offering the chance to win your eBay and PayPal fees paid for a year. There’ll be one winner picked each month from August to January; each of the six lucky winners will have their fees from January 2008 credited back to their PayPal account. Knowing that you could spend the last four months of the year selling fee-free sounds a pretty nice way to cover the Christmas spendy season, no?

There’s a catch (you knew there’d be a catch). Only users who accept all payments with PayPal will be eligible to win the grand prize. That’s right: if you take cheques or postal orders or bank transfer or Nochex, you’re not going to win.

Personally, I’m rather torn on this one. In fact, all my eBay sales *are* paid for by PayPal, but I still do list a couple of other payment methods as acceptable. Is it worth editing all my listings to be in with a chance with this one? What do you think?

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  1. if they offered me just the slightest discount in normal trading for paypal only that would tip the balance ,
    I would go paypal only in an instant,

    the competition is one chance in a few million or so and a bit of a cheapo for paypal

  2. If they would make multiple purchases possible, North, I would do PayPal only, instant payment required, like a shot. A discount as well would be nice 🙂

  3. Roughly 10% of last years sales were paid for by cheque/postal order and having a quick scan through the paperwork can say that at least 8% would not have completed the purchase if I was Paypal only.

    So I am not sure that I would go Paypal only.

  4. I’d also go PayPal only Instant Payment tomorrow if buyers could purchase from multiple listings and combine into one payment. It’s very tempting even though they can’t!

  5. 90% of our buyers pay over the phone, so no chance. Odd competition and an odd time to launch it IMO however its voluntary so less chance of a nasty backlash.

  6. Both Ebay and Paypal, Who are the same company, have their dirty little snouts in the same trough. Dont expact any care from either of them they are out for themselves only. If you notice they both keep moving the goalposts. The fees for both keep creeping up and until there is a viable alternative to them this will continue to happen. Ebay have just been found guilty of fraud Alegidly buy the European commission and fined 60 million euros and whos pocket do you think that will come out of, Yes ours. Thats how much they really care.They are both a necessary evil if you are in business.

  7. “The fees for both keep creeping up”… I have to disagree with you there – PayPal have only ever lowered their fees in recent years. In fact I can’t remember a time when they’ve increased them at least since PayPal opened up shop in the UK.

    eBay fees I’ll give you have possibly increased for some, although for others they’ve decreased. That really depends on your selling format, categories and listing strategies.

  8. Sue you could try that new editing tool that was featured a few weeks back (Comsulting Bulk Reviser).

    On my US account I have PayPal/instant payment required. The lack of the ability to combine is a pain.

    For the UK I’m happy to receive Cheques or phone payment. I like the idea that my customers have a choice (on eBay).

  9. anyone want to bet on someone form Ebay/Paypal saying in February that paypal only listings have increased X% in the last six months ???

  10. You guys sure you want to enter.?

    Email from Paypal:-
    “eBay has changed its feedback system to ensure that buyers like you, can leave honest feedback without the seller trying to even the score by posting neutral or negative feedback back. If you were unhappy with the service levels of things like postal charges, or the speed of delivery then let the seller and other buyers know. “

  11. But that’s pretty much par for the course at the moment, Whirly. They sure are making certain that that message is drummed into buyers’ heads.

  12. eBay are completely incapable of understanding the difference between dispatch and delivery: it’s the problem yet again that the people who make the site, don’t use it.

    I’ve given up worrying about it: I can manage my buyers’ expectations enough to override their inaccurate language.

  13. True again(sigh) however (again) eBay encourage us to communicate with each other, paypal are not saying that, 2 different messages from the same company?

    “If you were unhappy with the service levels of things like postal charges, or the speed of delivery then let the seller and other buyers know. “ which means don’t be afraid to neg them.

    Could be replaced with something more friendly to all such as
    “If you were unhappy with the service levels of things like postal charges, or the speed of delivery then contact the seller and let them know. ”


  14. Having taken a month off and starting back with a monthly feedback of 0 I can now understand why sellers who only sell a low number of items must dread logging on to their Seller Dashboard.

    I never liked roller coaster rides as a kid and I am damn certain I don’t like them now.

  15. ebays boot in the nuts
    is just part of the job
    I have a range of cod pieces
    dont know what you girls can use 😯

  16. # 19 LOL

    The guy in the “The ultimate brazilian” could have done with one !

  17. From James @eBay, about the Paypal email.

    “Morning Everyone,

    I would agree that it’s an important message for buyers to communicate with their sellers in relation to any issues.

    Consider this your feedback on this duely escalated. I would have to agree that it’s not a particularly well structured communication.


    Bit late now, it’s been sent…..


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