Bulk Reviser adds returns and ISV support

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Comsulting Bulk Reviser has added the ability to edit your returns policy and the International Site Visibility upgrade on live listings. For any business seller that hasn’t already edited their returns policy to 14 days Bulk Reviser will now enable you to achieve the change in minutes.

The International Site Visibility option enables your products listed on eBay.co.uk to appear on eBay.com. If you routinely list on the US site there is an eBay.com version of Bulk Reviser available.

We did a review of Comsulting Bulk Reviser in June and I’ve not yet found a faster or easier way to edit live listings on eBay. I’ve found it reliable in making changes than when using TurboLister and for bulk editing it’s quicker and simpler to use.

There’s a 10% discount off the purchase price of £39.95 for TameBay readers. To claim the discount enter “Tamebay” as a coupon code when making your purchase.

6 Responses

  1. Just waiting for a “save edits to template” tick box & then I will splash the cash.

  2. #2 File exchange will indeed handle your edits for you, but for the average eBay seller it’s a terrifyingly techie procedure and not one for the technophobes.

    Plus in recent times most of the file exchange features are built into TurboLister, it’s just that (for me at least) it’s not the most reliable bit of software for bulk edits of live listings 🙁

  3. I downloaded and tried this today and cant say am initially very impressed

    Just to test it I tried to change all 2500+ listings to 2 days.

    a) It took an age (which can forgive as 2500+ listings) but didnt like there was no progress bar so could see how long was likely to take or had it crashed / frozen?!

    b) It failed to amend about 500 and gave no reason. On checking a handfull they all had 12+ hours left and had received no bids / buys etc

    c) It seemed to import listings that had already finished the first time I downloaded from Ebay but this seemed corrected in the second attempt.

    d) Couldnt see how to save downloaded items locally as it said you could in its help pages. That could of course be down to my incompetance….

    e) Last one! Lack of help pages

    Of course today was first attempt and was rather a frantic day so shall try again and of course post should things turn out better


  4. Bryn,

    Happy to address your points.

    a) It can take up to three seconds to revise each listing although normally the Ebay API responds slightly more quickly (1 to 2 seconds). The onscreen message does advise the user of this and the program will tell you if there has been an error, assuming Ebay send the error message to it.

    b) We are only seeing 8 failed revisions today so I can only assume there has been a time out or equivalent at some point. If this happens again, please contact us and we can find a resolution.

    c) The program only downloads active Ebay listings but certainly, listings could end or receive bids during the download. If listings were appearing that ended more than a few minutes previously, Ebay would be sending non-requested information. Glitches like that do happen but they are rare.

    d) I hope I have understood you correctly here. The program downloads your active listings and saves them to a local database. This local copy is available only while the application is active. If you exit and then re-launch, you will download a fresh copy of your listings. This ensures we aren’t dealing with outdated information.

    e) There is a help page on every screen which details the workings of that page. If they don’t contain the information you feel necessary, please do let us know and we will enhance them.


  5. Thanks Susan for the reply and several email replies helping us out !

    Must say that the support is very good and all minor problems we had were sorted very quickly. Also have to agree with Chris that it is a great piece of kit to edit large amounts of listings in one go. Next time we hit something like the 7 to 14 day return policy change we wont have to spend hours making the amendments!




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