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An reveals a few more details of the new editable feedback promised at eBay Live. The announcement reads:

By the end of October, we will implement a new process for resolving disputes with buyers, even after the buyer has left a negative feedback. This new process will allow buyers to modify a feedback left to a seller, if they have quickly resolved the problem which led to the feedback, or if the buyer had erred in leaving the feedback. In contrast to the mutual withdrawal of feedback, this new process will allow buyers to modify the feecback left, and not just withdraw it. We’ll give you more information about this new process in the autumn.

It would be nice to have some more specifics, especially on what exactly will be editable: the score, the comment, the DSRs?

In the meantime, if buyers have left non-positive feedback “by mistake”, getting them to leave a follow-up saying that they wish to withdraw the feedback, and then requesting eBay support to remove it manually, does seem to have some success.

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  1. custard support said to me last week this was going to happen in mid August…as usual they were a bit vague

  2. #5 I think you’ll find the feedback change due in mid August is the recalculation of neutrals rather then editable feedback from buyers

  3. @ S Bailey
    Where are you standing FRANCE???

    What in the World has taken eBay 4 MONTHS to get this basic solution to a massive problem.

    eBay you are so full of cr#p….while this lame announcement does NOTHING to all for the sellers who are getting hammered Dailey, being lowered in search, missing out on Powerseller discounts etc etc etc

    Plus don’t forget the 60 DAY feedback rule

    What a place to introduce it first: the land of the postal scammer/lost item FRANCE

    eBay you will never learn YAWN!!!!

  4. the land of the postal scammer/lost item FRANCE

    @ #8
    In the six years that I sold on eBay I only had two problematic transactions there and both were because of the postal service or customs. Neither led to any financial loss.

  5. @ 8, yes, I am. If you want to peddle your hatred of the French, please go somewhere else. All of the missing parcels I’ve had in the last year (5, iirc) have been for UK customers. Does that make everyone in the UK a postal scammer?

  6. I have no problem with the French. Most of them are lovely and every nation has a share of the other sort. But I do find it frustrating when eBay makes an announcement like this in only one country, when it is obviously going to apply to everybody. My french is very elementary. Even if I thought to look on I wouldn’t be able to understand much!

  7. I don’t see what was posted in France as anything that has not been already been posted on the other sites…..UK, US, etc.

    Am I missing something? This same thing was posted on Ebay US 3 weeks ago.

  8. #12 To follow up on post #1 made by me, I wasn’t aware that they had offically announced on the notice boards that the change was coming, my mistake. I thought it was just something mentioned at eBay Live that was on the horizon.

    I read the OP as an offical announcement and I was just curious why they announced it in French when the majority of eBay users don’t speak French.

    I have a phrase book ready for Euro Disney in October but I hope I don’t need it 🙂

  9. Actually Chris I think you will find that the lady I spoke to at customer support about a neg we had received, said customers would be able to edit their feedback in August…I may look stupid but I do understand English…French no, English yes!

    she was probably talking out of her bottom mind you, but I thought I’d share it with you as it was the topic! 😉


  10. The french announcement is quite relevant … since we know that 90% of the time, when eBay make an announcement on one ebay, it will eventually show up on the rest of the ebays, in one form or another.

    Ebay tested all of their recent (last 7 months) changes on one or two eBays in 2007, to gauge how many complaints they received, and to work out the bugs and glitches. (And look how well THAT worked!)

    I guess they got their answer from the Aussies about the Pay Pal only plan!

    So putting aside the french issue … I still want to know if a buyer who gave a Positive originally, can also change that to a negative. And how many times can a buyer change their mind? Can they change it 60 times (i.e. once a day) … 120 times?

    I admit that some good could come out of this new system … particularly for buyers who accidently pushed the wrong buttom, or who weren’t aware that a Neutral can cause a seller to be subject to penalties. (AND that this could cause the seller to put the buyer on their Blocked Buyer List.)

    However I see even more potential for feedback extortion and feedback manipulation with this newly proposed system than there is now.

    Selling on eBay is stressful enough as it is. The last thing I need is to have to look over my shoulder, wondering if a customer is going to get their knickers in a bunch, and change a Positive to a Negative 59 days after the sale.

    And in addition, anytime eBay make a change like this, it is not because they are being magnanimous. Ebay are never magnanimous. Usually we find out that eBay’s changes are driven by the demands of the Diamond Power Sellers (all 2 of them.)

    Can anyone tell me how will benefit from this (more than the rest of us)?


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