Multiple fixed price listing promotion for eBay UK

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eBay are running a six week promotion where you’ll only pay the cost for listing a single item regardless of the quantity you list.

Items have to be identical, but you can list any quantity on fixed price (BIN or SIF) listings and only pay the listing fee for the first item. The promotion runs from the 12th August (today) until the 23rd September. There are a few restrictions so check the Ts & Cs for your particular categories.

Don’t forget that on eBay UK there’s also free gallery until the 30th September, effectively this promotion enables you to list your entire quantity of stock for the cost of listing a single item.

9 Responses

  1. Pleased to confirm its working 🙂

    On the plus side it comes in handy sometimes, yesterday for example I sold a nice bath then relisted it, an hour later that sold as well.

    On the down side I reckon alot of buyers who may see you have 1 item would be more inclined to buy it straight away but if you had 10 maybe they maybe more inclined to wait until they are ready (does that make sense?)

  2. Yes Whirly, it does make sense for collectors items or other expensive stuff!

    Boy o boy this wont half kickstart any new to eBay large player with bottomless inventory.

    Smaller sellers of commodity goods beware!

  3. It’s a darn good point Whirly, which is why many sellers will list 7 or 13 items rather than 10. Although it’s easy to see if none have sold subconsciously a nice round 10 looks less attractive than “oh there’s only 7 left, I’d best buy one quick”

  4. There is a down side to all this
    “We thought we should let you know that listing an item around the time that our one-day promotions take place (such as this Thursday’s Half-Price Listing Day) will affect your item’s visibility on

    If you list an item on from any time after 10am the day before a one-day promotion until 10am the day after a one-day promotion, that item will not be shown automatically on, even if it meets the normal criteria for visibility (see our previous announcement for details).

    This restriction on visibility on will apply for the full duration of the item listing.

    We’re doing this because the one-day promotions we run are specific to, and not available to sellers on, and we want to make sure that we aren’t putting our US sellers at an unfair disadvantage. The same restriction applies to US sellers during their one-day promotions, so that their items don’t appear on

    We realise that a lot of sellers will be disappointed about this, and we’re sorry if this restriction causes you any inconvenience.


    The eBay Team”

    And does this mean I have to manually take US visibility off all my new listings or will ebay still take the visibility fee and not tell me I’m wasting my money??

  5. 4. Des.
    Although the announcement states the .com non vis spiel, this has arisen as eBay has hurriedly got the announcement out with cut and paste from a very old promotion.
    .com vis is now a paid for feature and not a default.
    Those paid for by me for today are showing on .com.

    5. Kate.
    Does it work for gtc? I am going to test it out.

  6. Yes the offer is applied to gtc as well (care needed within 30 days of the offer ending!).

    On the fees section of the SYI form there is a link:

    offer details

    Click the link and you get details of a gallery offer from March!!

  7. I have the same question as Des.

    Can anyone confirm if this is going to effect our items visibility on

    If it is then I would rather not have the promotion to be honest.

  8. Actually this really isn’t going to help me much, as my CDs are one-offs anyway so I don’t have multiple listings and for the jewellery shop listings which use gallery, it’s still cheaper to do a 90 day listing without the promotional rate, as the gallery pic is still charged at the normal rate (which increases as the number of items listed increases) and you only pay once for gallery for the 90 days – so 90 days with one gallery fee is still the cheaper option overall.


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