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If you’ve been paid by PayPal echeque in the last couple of days, you’ve probably received a nice email from PayPal explaining that it’s going to take nine days to clear, and that you need to communicate with your buyer and let them know you won’t be shipping for a while: “teaching your grandmother to suck eggs,” as one shooting star PowerSeller commented to me this morning.

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But the good news is the email that your buyer is getting. Finally, buyers are being given accurate information about how long UK echeques take to clear: “around nine working days”. Better still, they’re being told why their payment has gone through as an echeque: either their card has expired, or they never added a card in the first place. And best of all, buyers are being encouraged to fix it, with a great big link to add or amend their card details.

Sellers will still need to ensure they keep their buyers up to speed on when their item will be shipped, but this is a very welcome, if rather overdue, change from PayPal.

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  1. Yeah I got one this morning. Except there are no echeques that I can see in my Paypal account, nothing showing as pending in eBay, and nothing in the email at all to indicate who it is from.

    So who is this supposed to help?

  2. Well, as you know (no names, no pack drill!) I wasn’t impressed by the email as a seller – I am very pleased though that buyers are finally getting a clear email from PayPal about what are echeques are with a realistic estimate of clearance times.

  3. I too received this email this morning, but couldn’t find any echeques that it related too.

    The messages states “You’ve just received an eCheque payment through PayPal”, but I haven’t (or have I but not shown on my paypal account)

  4. I got one today, don’t know for which item. The item’s in the post, whichever one it is (low value).

  5. We got an email like this too but it appears to relate to a sale 3 days ago – that’s the only echeque we’ve had in a week.

    At least they’re communicating with buyers.

  6. Which PayPal employee was it that once said “We hate echeques as much as sellers”? Maybe the sentiment has at last filtered up high enough for some action to be taken 😀

  7. I have had the same email – andZERO recent echeque payments, so I forwarded the email to [email protected] and got this reply :

    Thanks for taking an active role by reporting suspicious-looking emails.
    email you forwarded to us is a phishing email, and our security team
    is working to disable it.


  8. You could forward all the legitimate emails to spoof@ and they would still call half of them phishing emails.

    if its addressed to you by name, and has no links to dodgy login sites then its not a phishing email its a ebay glitch.

  9. Amazing, I had asked CS at Paypal about it, rather than just sending it through to spoof.. reply this morning:


    Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to email received.

    >From reviewing your email, please disregard the email you have received
    regarding echeck payment into your account, we are aware of this email.
    For information on Suspicious Emails, follow the steps below:

    Security Tips:

    Click ‘Security Centre’ at bottom of any PayPal webpage
    Click “Online Safety Essentials.

    etc etc”

    They should get their story together….


    “you need to communicate with your buyer and let them know you won’t be shipping for a while”

    That is rather patronising. What do PayPal think sellers were doing before this change was made? We were doing their job for them!

    Lets hope PayPal actually do what claim they will.

  11. received an echeque notification today for large amount from a buyer, now our account is subject to limitations and money laundering ! fantastic! definitely not sending the goods


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