R.O.EYE to support eBay affiliates in the UK

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eBay have appointed R.O.EYE, a specialist affiliate marketing agency, to support the eBay Partner Network (EPN).

EPN was launched by eBay on April 1st, after many years of running an external affiliate scheme managed by Commission Junction. The affiliate scheme pays publishers (website owners) for sending customers to eBay with rewards paid based on new accounts open and activity on eBay such as purchases.

R.O.EYE aim to support the existing EPN team acting in a supporting role for existing publishers to bring more publishers on board, especially within the UK.

They’re available to contact through the R.O.EYE website, or by emailing Chris Worthy at R.O.EYE. If you have a website or application that can send traffic to eBay, they can assist you in making money from the users who click through your site to eBay.

4 Responses

  1. Good day, I am in UK and have many issues with ebay UK and say so directly. Currently these involve fees, feedback, their help facility-or lack of!
    Their arrogance-clear sign of what a monoply is when allowed to disregard the obvious, the unfair and the ridiculous changes and impositions.

    Their parrot like reponses that rarely address specific questions or circumstances are pathetically inadequate and frustrating to users of their site who understand and are well able/qualified to market their lines/products.
    The LVMH legal action is ironic given right now Ebay are telling me to move my HOBBY listing activity from Personal to a Business level status.Without going into detail-I am retired-mid 70’s and Ebay interest is just that an ‘interest’ that keeps my memory and other mental faculties alert and well. Significantly important due to heart related condition that required a major operation.
    I have resisted Ebay so far but now they give a dealine of one month or else I will be banned from listing with Personal account status.

    Now I read this news and given I have enjoyed a specific involvement in Fragrance-an industry 90% of my international senior executive level career was based on and now continued via ebay as a hobby- it is indeed ironic that Ebay are trying to force me to change status. I have in mind now my own web site to minimise Ebay exposure and simply ‘use’ the site listings as a doorway to my site.
    The legal action in hand however has enormous implications re free trade in the broadest international sense and will take years to resolve and at great cost to all involved.
    Much as I have issues with Ebay, the LVMH action just cannot be justified in all its overall intentions as many more brands would follow and the whole free trade and personal liberties rulings et al & implications are just so vast it will never be accepted by Governments wordwide without considerable modification.Yours sincerely Dr J

  2. Not 100% sure what the above has to do with the EPN programme… but RO-Eye have just called me to find out about my network of sites. After a brief discussion, and glance over their website, I’m still none the wiser to what exactly they do, or how they can help me grow?

  3. RO-Eye have called me to find out about my sites and my advertising methods for Ebay and after a brief discussion with the company head ( Mark Kuhillow ) in which he applauded what i had achieved and was doing, I’m still none the wiser to what exactly they do apart from close my accounts with Ebay…. I say this because 2 days after taking this call i received an email stating that my account is now closed and im no longer aloud to have an account or advertise Ebay. Also they blocked my ISP from attempting to sign up again… So much for Ebay and RO-Eye being affiliate friendly. I think il start advertising EBid !

    Down with Ebay and RO-Eye

  4. @ # 3

    This may sound dumb but it is a serious question. When you say you are no longer allowed to advertise eBay you mean they really told you that you aren’t allowed to mention eBay, show listings, represent yourself as an advertiser, etc? Or did they just say you weren’t welcome in the ePN and wouldn’t be paid for any traffic you send them?



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