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Sales in a Click, the email marketing solution from imn is now available for Stores on I first saw the ProStores edition of Sales in a Click at eBay Live! and it’s the easiest way I’ve seen to produce quality email marketing.

The Stores version integrates fully with your eBay account and provides professionally written editorial which is presented alongside promotions to your eBay store and to featured products you have listed on eBay.

Emails are sent to subscribers who’ve chosen to receive email marketing from you along with any email addresses you choose to add manually. A thank you email will also be forwarded to any future customers when they purchase from your eBay store, with an explicit opt in request to receive your future email marketing.

There’s a free 60 day trial available during which two monthly marketing emails will be sent and of course full click through statistics are provided so that you can measure exactly how many sales were influenced by the emails sent.

Email marketing is one of the most underused features on eBay, possibly because sellers have to manually create and send the emails. Sales in a Click automate the entire process, although you can of course select which articles and products are used in your marketing emails.

Sales in a Click will be available for eBay shops in the UK in the near future. For those with an store you can sign up for your free trial and start sending quality email marketing today.

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  1. ….getting people to opt in is the BIG hurdle !

    I have had many a ‘swapping notes’ conversation with other service providers where the target is to get optins for sellers, and unless the seller can offer an incentive to a buyer – then the optin rate is very low.

    Even in the USA – where buyers are more used to ‘coupons’ than UK and European buyers, an average optin rate is less than 5% (from memory) ?

    So, as good as any email marketing service may be – its no good at all unless you have a good optin list to market to.

  2. getting people to opt in is the BIG hurdle ! Too Right!!!!!

    does it say how many potential buyers it drives away,

    I think there is an awful lot hype and self delusion concerning email marketing,

    when I buy something I want the goods, not to be added to an email marketing list then bombarded with marketing emails
    any I do get are blanked, blocked ,or ignored

  3. Sure an opt in rate may be low, but low is still better than nothing. However for people who have eBay shops how many email marketing subscribers do you already have? I’ve got hundreds on mine and they’re all people who have actively signed up without being asked from a link on eBay.

    How many subscribers do you already have on your eBay shop?

  4. I wonder if ebay shop subscribers reali,se they are actually signing up for email marketing ,
    and do they knowingly do it intending to receive emails,
    or is it more the inexperianced buyer just trying to keep an eye on the seller,

  5. North, re. shops’ marketing, the email sign up is a seperate tick-box from “add to favourites”, so if they don’t know, it’s because they’re not reading.

  6. yes I am aware of the tick box sue

    though we all know buyers click first and read afterwards

    in my opinion email marketing switches as many off, as it attracts,

    its software companies that make money out of email marketing

  7. When you add a seller/shop to your favourites, that box seems to be ticked by default and you have to untick/opt out of the seller newsletter.

    My subscribers are a list of competitors and folks who as far as I can tell have never bought anything from me,

    I don’t read these emails so I don’t send them.

  8. Even if buyers sign up for email marketing, they’re going to forget, and start complaining your spamming them, which you are.

    Best avoided

  9. #8 It’s not spam if a) they sign up for it and b) there’s an opt out which eBay / Sales in a Click handles for you. Also it helps if it’s informative and has relevant engaging content which is where Sales in a Click editorial comes in.

    If you send email marketing with “here’s a list of products” you’re unlikely to get a result. Send some content with a call to action as it’s much more effective. I’ve done well in the past with “Here’s a product on BIN, but I’ll accept £xx best offer specially for email subscribers. Set an auto accept and watch the “special offer” sales roll in πŸ˜€

  10. My items are so good and at such a good price I dont need to prod folks into buying πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Why not use the regular email to promote your business?

    You have a website and your employees send emails every day.
    WrapMail makes every external email into a marketing tool and every employee into a marketer. without anything to install on any desktop Γ’β‚¬β€œ nothing to learn BUT when the email arrives the recipient is now exposed to your interactive letterhead!
    Every external email can show your brand, your products/services and of course the images are clickable so you will drive more people to your website.
    When your wrapped emails are clicked the system tells you who is clicking on what and when!
    YouÒ€ℒre going to send emails every day anyway, why not show people what you have to offer?
    Every employee becomes part of the marketing effort with WrapMail.


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