UK, US, Germany make major announcements today

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eBay will be making major announcements today regarding the US, UK and German sites. We expect to hear of fee changes, as well as changes to seller requirements, payment policies and Shops’ structures. Stay tuned – we’ll bring you updates as soon as the official announcements happen. We’re in for an interesting day.

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  1. Basically, FVF up for BINs, Insertion fees down for BINs.

    All wrapped up in a we are going over to a success based fee structure spin.

    Oh and cheques and PO’s to get banned.

  2. usually when the dog barks the tail wags

    the UK will be very similar no doubt.

  3. While I’m glad to see this new feature regarding quasi-store items I can’t understand why they couldn’t just put stores in search. Stores in search was one of the best (and most short lived) things that ever happened on eBay but they’ve only spiralled downward since.

  4. Oh and cheques and POรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs to get banned.

    Oh well, it was good whilst it lasted ๐Ÿ™„

    Any jobs going anywhere – I have a little experience of eBay!

  5. One small clarification for #3/ #7: we won’t be banning cheques and POs in the UK for the foreseeable future.

    #6: The ‘quasi-store items’ format will be visible in search, so the effect for sellers should be much the same.


  6. Someone had blunder’d:
    Their’s not to make reply,
    Their’s not to reason why,
    Their’s but to do and die:

  7. Well I doubt the changes will make much difference to me, I am a fan of auctions and rarely use BINs.There is no excitement in a BIN

    Lower insertion fees ( if thats one of the changes) has to be good news depending on your sell through rate.

  8. #5 not always – the discount structure for PS is very different as an example. So the fee structure for the UK might be equally different.

    But I agree, the direction is very likely to be the same.

    Thanks for the info on cheques Richard.

  9. #13 “FFS hurry up
    I have my fingernails chewed down to the elbow”

    Norf they have to run spell checker 1st, then pass it over to custard support for a review then when custard tell them they can’t remove the feedback they will post it…come on you know the drill by now gramps.

  10. However, they are making it mandatory to have 4.3 DSR in all category? There is no point to sell internationally then. Shipping to the US always takes 2 weeks or vice versa. International sellers are at a disadvantage.

  11. selling internationally is essential given the state of things here

    we manage fine with DSRs we clearly state that postage can take 2/3 weeks on the auction listing

  12. those in the know ,must need more time to unload their shares before the announcement is made ๐Ÿ˜†

  13. #5
    Both of us wrong.. no comparison here to the US. US got off lightly as far as I can see, cheques or no cheques…

    And listing fees going down? Don’t make me larf…:(



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