Vice President Meg Whitman?

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Meg Whitman, former CEO and President of eBay Inc, is being tipped as a possible Vice Presidential running mate for Republican nominee John McCain. If chosen, she would be only the second woman to run on the ticket of either major party since Democrat Geraldine Ferraro was chosen by Walter Mondale in 1984.

It all seems rather unlikely, but the rumour isn’t going away. From a British perspective it is extraordinary that someone could go from CEO to ‘a heartbeat away from the presidency’ in less than a year. She has never, after all, been elected to any political post. Ever.

The job of Vice President was famously described by one incumbent as being “not worth a bucket of warm piss” and has no executive power, many ceremonial duties and comes with the right to preside over the Senate. So in some ways it might be rather less thrilling than being CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation. But it does come with a plane (call sign Air Force Two): a perk shared with the CEO of eBay.

Dan Wilson is a writer and consultant and the bestselling author of ‘Make Serious Money on eBay UK’.

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  1. One can imagine she might pull in a large “moderate” vote, and a lot of people who would have voted for Hillary but won’t vote for Obama. They have McCain so they don’t need another Old White Guy: astonishingly, Meg might make sense.



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