eBay Aus offers 50% off FVF for free shipping

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eBay Australia have just announced an interesting promotion – 50% off final value fees if free domestic postage is offered.

The promotion has been announced but will takes effect on the 10th – 14th September, that means that any 10 day listings starting up to tomorrow, and any 7 day listings starting up until the 7th will end during the promotional period.

eBay have been making strong suggestions that free shipping is desirable and it wouldn’t surprise me to see similar promotions come to the UK in the future.

If eBay were to offer a permanent 50% reduction in FVF for sellers that offered free shipping I’d be happy to take them up on the offer.

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  1. Most of my customers get free shipping on a lot of their items already. They are very light (stamps). Therefore only pay 1 shipping charge per order for unlimited stuff.

    Kinda mucks up combined shipping discounts.

  2. I wonder if they have thought this thru properly
    50% on our FVF is quite a saving, and is that 50% on top of the powerseller Discount ?
    we have tried offering free shipping a number of times , it turns into a time consuming headache,
    can you discount the cost of what would have been free from the cost, and send it special delivery is a regular request, if I collect can I have the cost of postage refunded is another request have received,
    how much is combined shipping when you offer free postage is another classic

  3. also high value buyers are interested in secure and safe shipping not free !free shipping worries them, they are concerned it will not be adequate!

  4. thats ok as long as 50% of your FVF covers your shipping

    Anyone know how to ship a 4 poster bed for £6.75?

  5. lots of things we sell go for £500 or more and cost £4.60 special delivery

    50% FVF saving on that would be like winning the lottery

  6. #3 North, that’s not only buyers of high value items. I have one ID that only does free shipping now, and I do get a fair few buyers asking me if they can pay for an upgrade to the French equivalent of SD. Seems crazy to me to pay €5 for shipping a €15 item, but if that’s what the buyers want, who am I to say no.

  7. we used to offer a basic no frills everyday cheap as chips option on postage
    non trackable
    if they paid by paypal it was our neck on the block ,if it went missing they could not loose, even then some insisted on special D,

    not these days though its tracked or nowt now
    cos you cant even leave the buggers bad feedback if their naughty and claim non delivery, you cant add a few pence to cover for missing items or they whinge

  8. eBay are wasting everyone’s time with this, including buyers. It’s unworkable once you factor in all the variables (as mentioned above) and buyers know there’s no such thing as ‘free’ postage.

    Buyers want a system that’s straightforward and reassuring to use (one reason why we don’t use eBay’s ever unreliable combined postage tool) with transparent pricing and specific details of the postage services offered.

    The postage DSR is intended to highlight seller performance in this area, so let that do the job. That’s far more useful to buyers than hidden charges and sub-standard delivery arrangements.

    If eBay can afford to lop 50% off FVFs (even on a temporary basis), doesn’t that say something about the margins they now enjoy following regular FVF increases?


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