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Although held on possibly the busiest day of the week for eBay sellers the ChannelAdvisor hosted eBay webinar was oversubscribed. ChannelAdvisor will be making a recording available within the next few days. If you were unable to get logged or didn’t plan to attend you can still register to be informed when the replay is available.

Rafael Orta from eBay opened the webinar with a short overview of the changes starting with the premise that eBay “Want you to load all your inventory on the site by Christmas”. Multi quantity listings are now the name of the game – they save on insertion costs, save time creating listings, can be good til canceled, and most important of all increase the chances of appearing high up in search results as soon as they attract sales.

All listings will be in main search results and best match will be tweaked to show the most relevant listings first although the option to kick start listings with the new featured first listing upgrade can jump start sales.

The Best match criteria will vary by category and continue to be tweaked and eBay guarantee a relevant mix of auction and BIN in search results.

Then it was straight into the Q&A session largely answered by Rafael, but with assistance from Max Leisten in the US ChannelAdvisor office. The first question was for those who haven’t received communications regarding the changes and the details can be found at https://ebay.co.uk/buyitnow08.

There were several questions regarding what changes will affect the recent sales boost in search results. This will be an issue for those who tweak prices daily based on fluctuations in their supply chain. If the sales price is increased then all recent sales advantage will be lost. The other listing edits which will lose the recent sales advantage are changes to the item title, item condition, description and the category listed in.

Interestingly changes to the postage cost do not affect recent sales according to Rafael. It does however mean that if you reduce your postage costs but increase the item price to compensate that any recent sales advantage will be wiped out – if you change to free post it really does have to be “free” to keep the boost in search.

When relisting the recent sales advantage will be carried over to the relisted item, but the window for relisting has not been disclosed. Rafael hinted that it would be no more than 7 days, but it could be less in some circumstances.

There is still no easy solution for listing an item which is compatible with multiple models, e.g, a car spark plug could fit hundreds of different vehicles. Rafael advised to make sure the most common are in the 55 character title but with the option to list duplicates with different titles to ensure your products are found.

There was a question regarding fees and would they go up or down overall. There is no easy answer to this (insertion fees will be less, but some final value fees are rising) as it’s likely seller behaviour will change dramatically. Sellers are likely to have less listings for each product line, but are being encourage to list more product lines and put all of their inventory on the site. As the selling model is changing so drastically each individual seller will need to assess the impact of fees based on their own listing strategy.

Best Match is already active on eBay UK, but is a different implementation to the eBay.com site. In the UK there will be no removal of duplicate listings from a single seller in search results, but the duplicate listing policy remains in force. From the 25th all listings will appear on the core site including current Shop Inventory items, but listings already live will incur fees (insertion, final value and listing enhancements) based on the old fee structure.

Auctions will continue to be important and crucially they will still be displayed with a time ending soonest sort order. This means if you list auctions regardless of other sellers gaining a boost in search with recent sales or by using the featured first listing upgrade your items will appear at the top of search results just before they end. Even if you add the BIN option to an auction it will still be treated as an auction in the search display order.

Finally a question was asked by a seller who’s listing strategy has always been to make sure she had listings ending daily – “Does new fee structure mean you can have just one listing instead of multiples for visibility”. The answer is a resounding “YES”. eBay.co.uk is changing this week, and your listing strategy needs to change as well.

Edited to add: The recording of the webinar including the Q&A is now available.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who attended today’s webinar – we hope everyone who made it onto the session found it useful. For those of you who didn’t make the session (sorry – we were over subscribed) – the webinar was recorded and will be made available online in the next couple of days.

  2. I don’t see anyone discussing multiple item, long-life listings vs. buyer psychology. Buyers are MUCH more likely to buy something if it is the only one, and if it doesn’t have much time left: i.e. if they’re about to lose out on it. Seeing listings with dozens of identical items and four weeks left to run gives them no incentive to “buy it now”.

  3. Equally, as a buyer I do sometimes feel overwhelmed by a long list of very similar items. I usually only want one, at a price I like with reasonable P&P (possibly free) from a seller I trust. If it’s auction or BIN, one or very few options helps me make my decision.

    That said, I’m a bear of little brain who is often found bumbling round supermarkets for ages unable to make a choice from the embarassment of riches up for grabs.

  4. That’s a very good point – remember the old ebook listings with 997 available from an initial listing of 999? Was never as attractive as a 1 available!

  5. #3 I imagine that there is going to be a fair bit of tinkering with selling strategies over the next few months, which is kind of exciting. I’ve been listing items in larger quantities and have been pleasantly surprised with some of the bulk purchases. If you selling Jiffy envelopes I guess it doesn’t really matter but if you are selling craft items 1 at a time may be better. It would be nice if you could customize how you stock quantity is shown (hide the number, only three left, last one etc.).

  6. Enjoyed listening this afternoon, too short though ๐Ÿ˜ I’m looking forward to Insite and SB2.0 for more, 5*’s to ChannelAdvisor loads in there today that I didn’t know ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. would be grateful for some advice please,,

    With the new best match search system and the new 30 BIN listing which becomes more popular as you get sales blah blah etc,,

    Currently I list an identical product in 4 cats. jacuzzi>baths>3 Piece Suite>4 Piece Suite,, will it actually be worth doing now? I assume 90% of buyers will either type what they are after into the eBay search box or type it into google search, is there any benefit of listing the same product in different cats… ?

  8. I’d say the benefits are the same as at the moment. In a normal search from the home page the most relevant item will show up. However in a search of the 3 piece suite category something listed in the 4 piece suite category will be hidden no matter how relevant it may be.

    I have the same problem with titles – a power supply for a Dell D500 will show up, but if I don’t have another listing with a power supply for a Dell D600 it’ll be hidden unless the buyer clicks the box to search title and description ๐Ÿ™

  9. #6 I’ve already ordered some stock that I’ve not sold for over two years on the basis it wasn’t cost effective in SIF. With 30 day listings I’m confident that it’s well worth another punt ๐Ÿ˜€

    Plus it’s a highly profitable line so I REALLY hope it’ll fly off the shelves as it picks up with recent sales ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Chris and Biddy #3 and #5
    Under the old multiple listing prices I used to list an item at 3.99, to list multiples would cost more so I only listed 1. It was a pack of 12 assorted colours and there were also 18 and 24 packs so I didn’t think quantity was an issue.
    So I get an ASQ for 2 packs of 12 ad under the new rules it costs no more so I bang in a 6 item listing, this has become my fastest selling line and people are buying 1 at a time.
    I a convinced it is because if you only have 1 left it must be the duff one.

  11. Swan, my experience is exactly the opposite. For example, take one of my best-selling lines on eBay.fr: if I list them one at a time with instant relist when sold through SMP, I sell approximately ten a week. If I list two at a time, I have a 30% chance of selling one (but I never sell both). If I list more than two, I don’t sell any.

    As ever, I think it depends what you sell ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. When you sell on Amazon the quantity is not shown (also nobody can track your recent sales info ) surely it would be easy foe Ebay to give sellers the option to hide quantity levels from view

  13. #12 Sue, so how will you be handling the automation rules for that item now? if you use the SMP rules your item will keep having to start at the back of the search queue (as I understand it).

  14. Jimbo – frankly, I’ll leave it as it is and see what happens to my sales. It’s quite a small niche, so I’m hoping it won’t make any difference. As I’ve said in #3, these changes run directly counter to the buyer psychology I’ve been observing for years, so I’m going to see what the *buyers* do before I make any sweeping changes.

  15. #15 “so Iโ€™m going to see what the *buyers* do before I make any sweeping changes.” That’s sensible, I have no idea what to do yet…..

    If a large % of those SIF listings on currently on UK get converted to 30 BIN’s the site is going to be swamped surely?

    Would it be better if I used auctions now to get better search placement, my multi bin items are not going to sell by the 100’s, maybe 2 over 30 days at the moment.

  16. I certainly found some items I would not have found before when I looked for a suit recently. For some bizarre reason, eBay thought I would be interested in buying fishnet stockings … they weren’t even in my size!

  17. #18 Lol, it is daft.

    I would hazzard a guess that not many buyers actually read the announcements? So why do eBay leave themselves wide open for a ribbing knowing full well pretty much every community board on eBay & eBay related blog users are all taking the mickey out of it?

  18. #16 Yes, I would definitely run some auctions to cover the changeover period. I think what tends to get missed in all of this is what screwing around with search does to buyers. Every time they change something, I get a mail or three from a buyer, saying “where has everything gone?”

    Buyers have habits with search. Experienced buyers know how to find what they’re looking for, and when eBay break change that, it causes problems for them. So running some auctions which will still appear as expected in an “ending soonest” search is probably a good way to counter the “OMG what have they broken now” factor.

    is our MO
    played with different methods of listing , categories etc.
    and all it seems to do is raise the fees and lower the sales

  20. #22 Snap.

    Mind you with some of the obscure search results I have been getting this week I think I need a miracle. Hopefully my collectable doo-das will show up when someone is searching for toenail clippers or windscreen wipers and it jolts them into buying but I’m not hopeful.

  21. For me, one thing that the changes make even more critical is the need for really quality listings.

    With these 30 day BINs, the chances are that sellers will be managing fewer individual listings and templates and probably using much less of their time on managing relists etc. This should, hopefully mean, some time is freed up to improve the content of listings. Hitherto, the struggle has been to be found: titles, timing and multiples were all part of that game. That’s now no less important, but less in the hands of sellers.

    Once you are found however, listing templates need to be spruce and close the deal swiftly. It’s gotta a be a good time to prune back the text, take a cold hard look at photos and decide if they’re good enough and yes, ahem, see if things like a stock About Me video are gonna help.

  22. #25 Good points. I just hope sellers do not make their listings anymore complicated and busy than they already are. I clicked on to a listing from a very large powerseller which had photos and links to other listings all down one side and I eventually gave up waiting for the thing to load. This was using a new superdupa computer, goodness only knows what it does to buyers with older machines.

  23. It’s definitly a case of less is more, right? But lots of sellers are guilty of ‘template creep’ over time. People don’t read it anyway, so it’s better pruned out. ;o)

  24. An about me Video ๐Ÿ˜†
    would scare my punters rigid
    Lock Stock and Two smoking listings ๐Ÿ˜†
    or how about “Delivery impossible”
    or Who Pays the Piper

  25. though I do agree an about me video is a grand idea,
    its the professional an slick video thats needed, not some knuckle dragging thug like me they want to see,

    theres an opening for ya Dan
    someone like me sends the wording and the drift of what we need etc,
    then you guys bung some totty in front of a camera and produce and publish a slick video

  26. @Dan & Jamie

    “someone like me sends the wording and the drift of what we need etc,
    then you guys bung some totty in front of a camera and produce and publish a slick video”

    That would solve my problem of time and location guys, is that something Lee can sort?

    @norf lol.

  27. I’ve gone into upgrade my shop today, but it still shows at the old rates?

    If I upgrade to Featured Shop at ยฃ26.99 can you start listing using the new 30BIN yet?

    You would have thought they would have put a simple note on that page advising you ???

  28. No problem, I read it as they were starting to roll out the changes on the 24th to be complete by the 25th.

    What confused me was reading forum’s where people had stated they had already upgraded to featured etc I couldn’t see the point as eBay charge you from the day of upgrade, so all those peeps have paid for nothing really?

  29. Hold on,,

    eBay Spain have done a U-Turn and are reverting back to time ending soonest.

    I give up. List & Hope is the only strategy left lol.

  30. Quick question for you, I know I should use the Q&A board but I really can’t face it.

    I have a shop today will I still have it tomorrow? Do I have to opt in or opt out?

  31. If you don’t want a shop tomorrow you need to close it today. From tomorrow you’ll be charged the new fees for whichever level shop you currently have (unless you up/downgrade) ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. #42 Keith ??

    Only something I read I am no authority on the matter, apparently eBay Spain are reverting back to time ending soonest instead of best match,,

    sadly a pink on uk PS board just confirmed we are STUCK with Best Match

    Old Search – Classic – Type what you want into a search box. What you want gets displayed.

    New Search – Best Match – Type what you want into a search box, then be told by Best Match that actually you don’t need a new Bread Maker, you need Bed Linen.

  33. Am I right in thinking tonight is the night for 90 day SIF listings for slower items/items below 99p to last until Xmas?

    If that’s right I’m guessing all you bead sellers are busy right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Needless to say but Turbo Lister hasn’t been updated to the new ebay listing lengths yet.

    Just downloaded updates expecting 30 day BIN but it’s not there – just the same old SIF etc.

    Do ebay ever get everything to work properly when they make changes?

  35. I asked about turbo lister yesterday and the power seller helpline, after checking, said it would be there after running any updates, but you are right it is not.

    GTC seems to appear on new listings though.

    I had hoped to be able to extend my 10 day listing to GTC but that doesn’t seem to be allowed.

    I am going to spend most of today updating listing I think.

  36. According to Olly on the PSB
    the rollout of the changes for TurboLister are still happening, and they wont be complete until later this morning.

    Pls don’t mention the football,
    Sheff. Utd fan ๐Ÿ™

  37. Looks like you might be in for some serious cash though…. We are bottom of the table.

    Would I rather Hereford were in the payoffs or that Turbo lister was working??? Tricky one..

  38. Have tried a new “SIF” from TL and it’s listed and appears as a 30 day BIN

    However it doesn’t have the option of featured first so I guess it’s *working* but not fully upgraded

  39. #50 You don’t want featured first to work, trust me lol.

    I don’t use TL, the only thing that is irratating me so far is I can’t list a 30 BIN in 2 Cats if I have a qauntity of more than 1, so I have to do 1 product 4 times instead of doing it twice,, the end result is it will take me longer and I will probably put less on.

  40. Oh great, I just updated TL, I got something saying I had to authorise TL but the page it directs you to is “page not found” and if I try to cancel it, it says TL won’t work.


  41. #51 If I used TL I would have all the problems you lot yap about, I’ve done 9 listings since 9….whats wrong with that ?

    I’ll stick to my go slow method thanks. lol.


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