eBay release new mobile site and iPhone app in EU

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eBay iPhone App
eBay iPhone App
eBay are working on all things mobile this week with the release of a new version of the eBay Mobile site and the iPhone app for Europe.
eBay Mobile is the version of the site that you’ll see when browsing on your phone or PDA. Although it’s possible to log on to the full site, eBay mobile is optimised for low bandwidth and small screens. If you don’t have an Internet enabled mobile you can view the site at ebaymobile.co.uk.
The eBay iPhone app (iTunes required) which went live this week in the EU, is currently the most downloaded free iPhone app in the UK.
According to eBay mobile shoppers spend more per person than the average eBay user and place the winning bid more often than other buyers. As a group mobile users are purchasing hundreds of thousands of items each month via their phones so anything that makes it easier, faster, or available on more devices, has got to be great news.

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  1. Hi

    Whilst this is great news, but to claim this is the most downloaded free App IS INCORRECT, the app has been on the store for 5 days now and may be the most downloaded this week, but is certainly way way behind apps like Remote that have been around since day one

    Also I am unsure were this information would be obtained as only Apple know this information and if you are going off the App store rank page then the Ebay App is no2 and Vegas Pool sharks lite is no1

    If you would like to keep updated with Apple news including the developement of Ebay Mobile for the iphone visit http://www.apple-times.com

  2. #1 We’ve got some well informed sources for the UK to which the article refers, it’s not referring to US or Worldwide data. It’s also “currently the most downloaded” other apps may have had more downloads over a period of time, but not in the last few days.

  3. Hi

    Whilst I appreciate you will have sources within the UK, the only real authority regarding this is Apple, as they hold the data.

    The current most downloaded Free App in the UK is Vegas Pool Shark, that is proven from the App store itself and Apple Sources



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