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eBay.eseBay Spain have announced that they are to boost the position of Spanish sellers’ listings in search results. The translated announcement is:

Dear Member:
We have changed the way we are presenting items in search results, giving greater weight to the location of the article. The first results should now be items located in Spain from sellers with satisfactory DSR scores.
Best wishes,
The eBay Spain team

Last night, the announcement was signed by the eBay Canada team, but it’s now been edited. I assume this is because eBay Canada have also introduced location as a factor in search sorting.

I’ve been hearing rumours about this happening on various eBay sites for a while. It seems a retrograde step: all the work eBay have done to discourage location misrepresentation would be undone by boosting local listings under Best Match. Nevertheless, those of us who list a significant number of items on sites that aren’t our own home site need to bear in mind the possibility that this will be rolled out generally.

eBay Spain’s default search sort remains Best Match (Relevancia) and there has been no announcement that this has changed.

3 Responses

  1. Aye
    and charging for ISV too, just to rub your nose init
    or are these things buy it now and stores
    Does anyone remember when ebay was an online AUCTION SITE!

  2. Similar things happened here in Belgium and also in the Netherlands. In the middle of last year eBay.be, in addition to the items listed on eBay.be, suddenly started showing all listings on eBay UK, FR, DE and NL in standard search or browsing, provided items were shipped to Belgium and identical category numbers existed on both sites. By doing this, some categories became swamped with international listings. Hence, a few weeks later eBay.be started showing items with item location Belgium first.

    eBay.nl did similar changes, showing also items listed on eBay UK, DE and BE in standard search results, but not showing listings on eBay.fr, and also showing items with item location in the Netherlands first. Both eBay.be and eBay.nl still use “items ending soonest” as default sorting.

  3. This is actually very good news if this gets implemented in the USA. The computers and electronics category has been flooded by sellers from Hong Kong and mainland China. Since a short window between purchase and delivery makes customer happy, I like the idea of de-ranking foreign sellers.

    The next step for eBay is to only index view item pages that originate from their respective sites. For example, if an item is listed from eBay UK, the link on Google is eBay.co.uk not eBay.com



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