£1/2 million fake Nikes taken off eBay

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Trading standards have seized a huge haul of fake Nike trainers destined for eBay. Valued at around £500k, shoes that would retail for around £120 were being sold at the bargain price of just £15.

Having made test purchases on eBay trading standards offices posed as traders interested in placing a bulk order and were shown a container stacked high with hundreds of boxes of “exceptionally good quality” counterfeit Nike trainers.

The local council warned other counterfeit sellers that the trading standards team are on their case. Trading in fake goods on eBay isn’t a great career option.

4 Responses

  1. That could be great news for those sellers of genuine Nike products, assuming buyers are not put off buying Nike in the future over concerns of the items authenticity.

  2. I work (my day job) for a well known sportswear company (not one of the big boys) and I wish trading standards and HMRC would do more about fakes, the UK and Europe are awash with them (I’m not just talking about ebay) and I’ve given the nice people at Customs loads of info about where we think the goods are made and how they get into the country, and what shipping methods/routes we use for our genuine products, but they just don’t have the resources to do anything much about it.

    Nike must have got lucky and given the trading standards people some good intelligence to get that lot seized.

  3. this week alone I’ve heard of 4 sports sellers on ebay that have had 30 day restrictions put on them for selling Nike and Adidas, I know 2 of them and know their goods are genuine and their DSR’s are very good.

    As a genuine Nike seller myself, I feel very vunerable at how easily ebay can pull the plug on us if they so choose to.



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