eBay dispute console changes

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The dispute console has changed to allow an easier flow for mutual cancellations rather than being a part of the unpaid item dispute flow. From now on a “Cancel Transaction” option is available when the “We have both agreed not to complete the transaction” option is selected.

Cancel Transaction
New Cancel Transaction Confirmation

A word of warning… do not test this unless you really do want to cancel a transaction! There is no confirm page when selecting this option so don’t click confirm until you are certain that you want to cancel the transaction. As soon as you select the option and click “continue” the cancellation will be sent. This is a change from the older dispute console flow and many users are likely to be caught out by it thinking that there will be a confirmation screen and “Continue” suggests there are further steps before sending the cancellation.
On eBay.com the dispute wording has been changed and now reads “Unpaid Item Cases” and alerts in Selling Manager display “An Unpaid Item or a Cancel Transaction case has been opened for this item” rather than the UK version which still reads “An Unpaid Item dispute…” It’s great to see “Disputes” being removed from the language – I don’t think I’ve ever had a dispute with a customer although I’ve had plenty of unpaid items.

8 Responses

  1. this dispute tag when your not in dispute just wanting to get your fees back has caused me more hassle ,than the items not being paid for,
    its a classic case of ebay head up backside syndrome

  2. I see malicious buyers can still shaft you by saying they “decline the cancellation” as they can with the current “mutual withdrawal”

  3. At last one tiny little step in the right direction. Does a mutual cancellation remove the ability of the buyer to leave feedback?

  4. WIll there be an option for “Item Lost In Post” as this is a big problem when I use the current dispute console?

  5. #5 No, buyers can still leave feedback.

    #6 I’d suggest that if you’re offering a cancellation for “Lost in post” you’ll already have spoken to you buyer and explained that you can’t replace the item and are going to offer a cancellation.


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